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Anguilla Beaches Walk...
Savannah Bay


By: Kristin Bourne

Savannah Bay is Anguilla’s largest and least developed sandy beach bay.

While Anguilla’s beaches are not overdeveloped, Savannah Bay’s untouched expanse makes it a rarity in today’s world... even in Anguilla.

Getting to Savannah Bay

Savannah Bay is often touted as a remote beach destination in Anguilla, not as easy to find, or easy to get to. Very secluded and intimately private. It's a great place for swimming and snorkeling on one end, and windsurfing and kitesurfing on the other end.

Welcome To Savannah Bay
 Savannah Bay frontal

As with “firsts”, your first excursion to Savannah Bay may have you feeling as though you are driving off into the middle of nowhere on a dirt, sand, and rocky road without a lot of landmarks or signage.

If you're nervous about seeking out Savannah Bay, don't worry. Anguilla is only 3 miles wide at its widest point and 16 miles long. You may have a small moment where you question yourself, but you should keep going… it's hard to get lost in Anguilla.

On that note, first things first...

Open Google Maps and find directions to Nat's Palm Grove.

Make your way to the East of the island and keep your eyes peeled for Nat's sign...

Turn Here
Nats at Junkshole road sign

There is a small store right near this turn.

From there the road becomes a soft, dirt road.

Keep to the main dirt road and look for signs that point you to Palm Grove. Look for the water (your final destination) and for a few tall and isolated palm trees. They are scattered at the edge of the bay.

Keep Left at This Sign

Eventually Nat's and the Water Come Into View...
 savannah bay road to Nats

The road will curve so you are parallel with the sea for a short part of the jaunt but it will eventually curve back around and deposit you in Nat’s (Palm Grove's) parking lot on Savannah Bay.

A Note on Vehicles: Every vehicle I’ve ever ridden in to reach Savannah Bay has not had issue - and that’s everything from a small, low-riding rental car to a Jeep.

The drive from the main, paved road to Nat’s Place takes 5-10 minutes. When you arrive, you’ll see the Palm Grove building.

Nat's Is Open 7 Day's A Week
Park Anywhere You Like, He's Very Welcoming!
Nats at Junks Hole

Nat has always been welcoming of those passing through to reach the public beach. His place is perfect for getting a BBQ crayfish lunch and a rum punch, if you get hungry on your day at the beach.

Since there’s nothing except for Palm Grove on Savannah Bay, if you want to spend a fair amount of time there, you'll want to prepare.

Nat rents chairs and umbrellas within his opening hours (late morning to late afternoon).

Otherwise, like nearby Captain’s Bay, there is no shelter from the sun or from rain and no refreshments unless Palm Grove is open. If you don’t plan to patronize Palm Grove, bring some water or load up a cooler with drinks and snacks.

Savannah Bay is Natural and Untouched
 Savannah bay western clear water

When you reach the beach, you'll see Savannah's signature rock that often is a rest stop for passing pelicans...

When You See This Floating Rock, You'll Know You're Here!
Savannah Bay Landmark

This little part of the beach is known as Junk's Hole. It has some very nice snorkeling, especially around the rock. Word of Caution: It's very shallow. Take care of the plant and sea life as you snorkel.

The whole beach stretches for about 0.7 miles. Walking it end to end is highly recommended.

Heading West
Savannah bay western view

Truly secluded, serenity begins as you head west along the sand.

Keeping Nat's to your back, the bay becomes a striking display of sea-green and aquamarine hues...

Love Those Rolling, Grassy Dunes
savannah bay dunes

When the wind is kicked up, you’ll see steady ripples in the bay and some white caps beyond.

At the far southern end of the beach the water calms down, protected by a natural outcropping dike.

This Natural Outcropping Separates The West Side Into 2 Bays
 Savannah bay dike

The bay on this side is an unbelievably striking shade of green. Its calm, sandy, knee-deep water goes out for yards.

Savannah's Calm Southern End
A Cool, Striking Shade of Aquamarine
Savannah Bay South end shoal

Did I mention this is just the first of two little bays?

Beyond the dike hides a completely separate beach. A special gem...

Beyond The Dike Hides This Gem...
  Savannah Bay Western Bay

On a perfect day, these under-water stones dazzle in the sun's reflection...

The View From The Western-Most Tip of Savannah
 Savannah bay western clear water

There are tons of marine life benefiting from this quiet, rocky bay. A walk to the western tip might reward you with a friendly nod from a foraging sea turtle or two or an eagle ray gliding through the surf.

Whether you take 25 minutes to have a look or choose to spend a day getting sun, snorkeling (bring your own gear) and filling up on some of Nat’s delicious food and cold drinks…

savannah bay rock

You are sure to never forget a day on Anguilla’s Savannah Bay.

Directions and Tips

Click on the map below to see Savannah's exact location.