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Rendezvous Bay is the Best!

by Jo
(Melbourne, Australia)

Rendezvous Bay

Rendezvous Bay

Anguilla is simply stunning, and writing this is making me very sad that we are no longer there. It's been 2 weeks since we left. All the beaches are beautiful, but our favourite by far was Rendezvous Bay.

Every time we stepped onto it it took my breath away! The waters are much calmer than on the north side of the island, and it is just a stunning long curved beach.

CuisinArt is up one end, and Anguilla Great House further down, but in the middle of these places is were we set up. Most of the time we were there, there were very few people on the beach (we were there at the end of the high season). 100 yards either side of us was no one.

The complete opposite end of the beach to Cuisinart is so nice and quiet too. I loved walking down there and hardly being able to see another person - not even my husband!

Our 2nd favourite beach was Shoal Bay West - much nicer than SB east we thought. Cove Bay is also beautiful. Out of the lesser known beaches, we really liked Junk Hole's Bay and Sea Feathers Bay. We had both of these beaches completely to ourselves when we visited.

Nori's Reply: You sure named all of the best of the best! Shoal Bay West is a spectacular beach... So picturesque with Cove Castle's dotting the shoreline. Shoal Bay East is still my favorite for a beach day though ;-) Rendezvous Bay is always lovely. Did you eat at Bankie's? Nice atmosphere there too!

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