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Anguilla Vacation...
Shine, Sea, and Sunburns


When I think of the words "Anguilla" and "Vacation" and put them together to form "Anguilla vacation," I dream of blue skies, fluffy, white, clouds, warm weather, glistening-golden sand, and the crystal, clear, turquoise, sea.

Then, if it's the middle of January and there's 8 feet of snow on the ground when I look out the window, I actually picture myself there, enjoying the heat.

My dad tells me that he pictures himself floating in the ocean, waves buffeting him gently, sun beating down. He and I did that once at the very end of a vacation, until my Mom was screaming we'd miss the plane!

Of course, the fantasy can be even better than the "Anguilla vacation reality." Let me show you what I mean.

Now, my Dad loves Anguilla. I mean really, and completely, adores the island. And so, it's only natural that he gets the most sun he can squeeze in during vacation, right? Well, you see him here below... he really can spend hours like that...

anguilla vacation photo dad

And it's fine... he works really hard back home, so it's great to see him zone out.

But he doesn't love sun screen very much, it would seem. Or he forgets to put it on.

Well, in Anguilla, either you wear sunscreen on vacation and get tanned, or... you're my Dad...

Lobster - Man
anguilla sunburn

Let me tell you, that burn doesn't go away over night. And everyone asks him if he's ever heard of sunscreen. In New York, on the way home, small children point at him and run away!

And the funniest part of it all? My Dad can't wait for the next Anguilla vacation to do it all over again!