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Guide to Renting Beach Chairs in Anguilla


It isn't an Anguilla vacation with a beach day... or two... or three... or four... or more!

A Top Spot For a Beach Day
Elvis Beach Bar Beach Lounging

Whether lunching at Garvey's on Rendezvous Bay or grabbing a drink at Tropical Sunset on Shoal Bay East, every day at the beach is a treat.

What goes perfect with beaching? Lounging on... and on... and on... Beach, eat, snooze, repeat is an all-time favorite activity of every Anguilla lover ;-)

One question we get asked frequently is about beach chair policy. Can you rent beach chairs at the big resorts? Do restaurants include beach chairs with lunch? Are they available at an added cost?

Sunshine Shack Rendezvous Beach View
Sunshine Shack beachbar N Grill bar beach view

Keep reading for our definitive guide to beaching in Anguilla!

Guide to Beaching in Anguilla

Before we begin, note that all hotel and resort beach chairs are reserved for on-property guests. Any exceptions and all other beachfront establishments are listed below.

Let's begin in...

The West End

Anguilla's West End is famous for its world-class beaches including Meads Bay, Maunday's Bay, Shoal Bay West and Rendezvous Bay. They are all home to some of the Caribbean's top beach bars and beach-front restaurants.

Tulsa's Punch
A Must-Have at Trattoria Tramonto
trattoria tramonto drinks

Meads Bay in particular is known for its high-end dining establishments. From indulgent Jacala, to Savi Beach Club's impressive and sophisticated beach club, spending a day or two experiencing Meads Bay is a must when on an Anguilla vacation.

Sumptuous Savi Beach Club
Leons Beach Bar Beach Lounging

Plenty of Meads Bay's bars & restaurants offer complementary beach chair access to their patrons. Others offer chairs at a fee.

  • Jacala: Included with lunch.
  • Ocean Echo: Included with lunch.
  • Straw Hat: Included with lunch.
  • Blanchards Beach Shack: $5 per chair and umbrella for the day.
  • Savi Beach Club: $30 per chair.

Lounging at Cap Shack on Maunday's Bay
Cap Shack Beach Bar at Belmond Cap Juluca

Other beautiful beaches in the West End include Maunday's Bay, Shoal Bay West and Rendezvous Bay. They are all "must visits," each unique in their sand, their water and curvature of their bays. That's not all! Each beach offers a unique dining experience.

Here's who rents chairs to the public on these beaches...

  • Cap Juluca's Cap Shack and Uchu: $100 per chair (deducted from your bill). Based on hotel availability.
  • Trattoria: Included with lunch. If not having lunch, $50 per beach chair for the day (can go towards drinks).
  • Sunshine Shack: Included with lunch.

The Middle

Moving east of West End, the middle of Anguilla has a number of sweet stretches of sand and funky beach bars.

First up, on Crocus Bay...

  • Da'Vida: Included with lunch.

da'Vida on Crocus Bay
Elvis Beach Bar Beach Lounging

Down on Sandy Ground...

  • Elvis': Included with lunch.
  • Roy's: Included with lunch.
  • Waves: Included with lunch.

On the opposite coast, Ferryboat Inn serves up excellent burgers and rum punches with a beautiful view of St. Martin!

  • Ferryboat Inn: Included with lunch.

Shoal Bay East

... aka beach capital of Anguilla!

World famous and rightly so, Shoal Bay has a number of sought after beach bars lining its two-mile long stretch of pristine white sand.

Don't be surprised if you park your car at Tropical Sunset and find yourself meandering down the beach, marveling at the water, the sand, and stopping in at every beach bar along the way.

Love Those Shoal Bay Blues
Tropical Sunset Beach Bar Beach Lounging

Refueling with drinks and food is easy with so many prime spots lining the sand.

  • Elodia's: Included with drinks.
  • Gwen's: Included with lunch.
  • Madeariman: No beach chairs. Rent from Jamel just in front of Madeariman - $10 for 2 chairs and an umbrella.

Beachfront at Olas
olas beach bar

  • Manoah: Beach day pass - $30 per person. Pool day pass - $60 per person.
  • Olas: Included with lunch.
  • Serenity: $12 for 2 chairs and an umbrella.
  • Tropical Sunset: Included with lunch. $5 if not having lunch.
  • Zemi Beach House: Day pass - $50 per person (accredited to your bill if you dine/drink at the beach bar or restaurant).

Scilly Cay

Last but not least in Anguilla's East End, just 5 minutes from Shoal Bay, Scilly Cay is the ultimate in beach treats.

A mouthwatering BBQ restaurant on an island all its own, Scilly Cay delivers the most soothing of beach days.

scilly cay

Catch their boat from the Island Harbour pier ($5) and sit back, relax and float on in total calm!

  • Scilly Cay: Included with lunch.

Let us know in the comments below which is your favorite spot for a beach day! If we missed any toes-in-the-sand establishments, be sure to list those down below, too.

Sea you at the beach!