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Anguilla Weather in June:
The Start of Summer Heat

Curious about Anguilla weather in June?

All of the locals and ex-pats will tell you, this is when things heat up. From here on in summer sets in, with temperatures rising slightly throughout the season (rarely going above 90F).

Anguilla weather
Shoal Bay, June

June sees more summer sunshine and still, sparkling-calm waters. If you don't like wave jumping and getting a nose full of sand, Shoal Bay, Meads Bay and Barnes Bay are perfect in summer. The water is almost always like glass.

Average High in June: 88°F
Average Low in June: 78°F
Average Temp. in June: 83°F
Average Rain in June: 2"

This time of year you won't have to share many beaches either (sometimes you will even get Shoal Bay practically to yourself). Anguilla villas and hotels drop their rates, too!

At the same time, restaurants are still open, and although the island is quiet and becoming traveler-free, many Anguillians haven't left for vacation yet, ex-pats haven't yet returned home, and people are still visiting the island.

Really, it's a great time to travel to Anguilla if you love tranquility and warm weather!

Anguilla travel tip: Hot Anguilla weather really calls for breezy tops, pants and dresses.

hurricane irma

Up-to-date information on Anguilla post-Irma here.


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