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Anguilla Weather in August:
Summer Carnival


Although hurricane season begins June 1st, the "riskiest" time starts during the last weeks of August. The island gets quieter, people checking the weather forecasts frequently.

The first time I experienced weather in August was way back in 2002 when my family and I stayed on the island for a whole month.

I was 14 years old then, and it all seems kind of hazy now...

I remember sweating a lot!

anguilla weather in august
Shoal Bay, August

Since then, and since moving to the island permanently in 2008, we have lived through many such spells.

Yuki would wake up drenched. She even claimed that the water (still as glass this time of year) is far warmer than in winter months, being just about "room temperature" in August. But, I never had any trouble with the warm temperatures and loved dipping into the sea.

(In fact, the warmer sea temperatures are quite welcome - it can feel down right cold in the winter ;-))

August is warmer, more humid and the air is quite still...

Average High in August: 89°F
Average Low in August: 78°F
Average Temp. in August: 83°F
Average Rain in August: 3"

Despite the heat, many people still travel to Anguilla in August. Anguilla's Carnival is in August, after all.

Days and days of endless partying and celebrating?

Most minds are not stuck on how hot the Anguilla weather is... ;-)

Anguilla travel tip: All you really need in August is a hat, sunglasses and swim suit!

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