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Remember Exotic Plus
During Previous Anguilla Shopping?
Here's Dedric's 2004 Update

It's getting hard to miss Dedric's Exotic Plus t-shirt store. Not only is it right beside the Pharmacy on the main road through The Valley, Dedric Webster, its funny, friendly owner is expanding it like crazy.

So my Dad screeched the car to a halt when it caught our eye during our March 2004 trip. "Time for a little Anguilla shopping for goat t-shirts!"

Webster recognized us immediately. "Hi, how are you? It's so good to see you," he said with his shining smile and eyes. And then he said something that really made me laugh.

"You know what people do since you wrote about my shop?" he asked. "They come in asking for THE GOAT!"

He went on to explain that ever since his original, goat-design t-shirts made its way onto anguilla-beaches.com Web site, people come in literally asking for "THE GOAT."

anguilla shopping t-shirts

Naturally, we chatted for a little while.

He informed us of his store in St. Thomas and about the ongoing expansion of this store.

And then, of course, my Dad (who has turned into "Mr. Digital Camera") wanted to snap the customary photograph. That's my younger sister, Yuki, with Dedric.

After the photograph, I took a couple more shots as we walked throughout the store checking the new clothing out. He had several; new goat prints at the time. Have yourself a look...

"No Hurry, No Worry"
anguilla t-shirts

"Baaaaad to the Bone"
anguilla t-shirt shop

One great thing about Dedric... he can be so corny that you really enjoy it. "Baaaaad?" Ouch!

Great to see that THE GOAT lives and grows! See you next time, Dedric.

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