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Why Knot Visit Anguilla?


Why knot visit Anguilla?

Why knot melt away on the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean?

Why knot dine on some of the finest cuisine in the world?

And why knot find the most classic Anguilla souvenir to remember it all?

Why Knot...
Fabiana's Shop
anguilla shop

Fabiana Liburd's first visit to Anguilla was in 1999. She was born in St. Kitts, and went to school in Canada. She is the owner and creator of "Why Knot," one of Anguilla's top shops for a unique piece of clothing, perfect for the local climate.

Meet Fabiana
anguilla shop

Fabiana opened Why Knot, first as a makeshift shop found "under the Tamarind tree" in Crocus Bay. From there she spent many successful years with her shop in West End.

Today, that is where you can find her... right in beautiful West End!

Shopping at Fabiana's
anguilla shop

Fabiana's designs are perfect for the Caribbean!

Why Knot features Fabiana's casual dresses, tunics and tops made out of a light Indian cotton, captured in every color of the rainbow.

Check Out This Orange!
anguilla shop

The light weight material is ideal for that tropical Anguilla weather under the sun!

Why Knot also carries cotton t-shirts, caps, bags, and funky jewelry.

anguilla shop

My favorite piece?

Casual Dress Modeled By Louise
anguilla shop

Fabiana's classic wraps and dresses come in so many fun colors (orange, fuschia, pink, red, blue, green, and on and on!). It is a piece that you will never get tired of. Why?...

There are six ways to wear it!

From the versatile and elegant design, to the vibrant colors and the material - these dresses are easy to love!

Fabiana showcases local artists and designers in her shop too! Locally made bags, paintings and earrings are all on full display...

anguilla shop

Why Knot is truly a unique shop, home to the perfect Anguilla souvenir.

See You Next Time, Fabiana!
anguilla shop

Directions & Contact

Directions: Why Knot is located in West End. If you are coming from The Valley, keep your eyes peeled for her blue sign before you reach Best Buy. The turn is on the left side of the road.

Hours & Contact: Hours vary. Call ahead to confirm opening times. Why Knot can be reached at: 264-772-7685.