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Anguilla Hotels: The Guide...
Blowing Point


The red pin (below) is Blowing Point.

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Blowing Point

There are three smaller areas that make up the whole Blowing Point district. To the East, there is Blowing Point East, a perfectly charming, semi-circle, sandy beach. To the West, there is Sandy Point, which also has desirable sandy shores and generally calm shores.

Tip: Sandy Point is home to one of our #1 favorite villas in Anguilla. More on Beach Escape Villa and heavenly Sandy Point beach here.

Further west lies an area called Blowing Point West, which is along sea rocks.

This whole area, Blowing Point, offers beautiful views of St. Martin (it is the closest point of access to St. Martin, after all), and is very convenient. Also, the location is central, and any hotel here is just 2 minutes from the Anguilla ferry.

There are many cost-friendly hotels in Anguilla on Blowing Point...

The Ferryboat Inn

Ferryboat inn anguilla

Size: Small

Location: Middle of sandy beach.

Description: Ferryboat Inn offers one of the best deals in Anguilla.

First? Location! Ferry Boat Inn is a left turn up the road from the Anguilla ferry terminal. If you wanted to, you could walk from the ferry to this Anguilla inn. It's that close (5 minutes, easy).

Second? Location! Every unit faces St. Martin and offers breathtaking views of those rolling mountains.

Third? Location! Blowing Point's soft, sandy beach is Ferry Boat Inn's front yard.

No doubt about it, Ferry Boat Inn wins for location.

It hits all of the other key points, too. Their units are apartment-style. All are clean and comfortable. Their top floor apartments are coveted, as is their beach house, which is set forward on the property, literally on the beach. This one books fast.

And, one of our favorite restaurants (Ferry Boat Inn) is on-site.

Last but certainly not least, Ferry Boat Inn is run by two of the kindest people in Anguilla, Marjorie and Christian McClean (her son).

Click for more on Ferryboat Inn.

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Patsy's Seaside Villas

Photo Credit: Pasty's Seaside Villas

Size: Small

Location: Middle of the beach.

Description: Pasty's Seaside Villas is located right next to Anguilla's ferry terminal. From Pasty's, you can easily see all of the ferry boats coming and going in the channel between Anguilla and St. Martin.

From here, access to the ferry easy and views of St. Martin are stunning.

Pasty's Seaside Villas is made up of six units. Villa One, Two, Three, Five are right on the beach, complete with two bedrooms, a full kitchen and dining/living area. They are more apartment-style. The units are nicely finished, with much rattan furniture.

Pasty's provides certain essentials, which you find on your arrival. This is ideal if you're arriving late and don't want to worry about getting groceries for the next day's breakfast.

The owners are helpful and sweet, loved by all of their guests.

Click for a review of Pasty's Seaside Villas.

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ARCHIVES: Hotels That Are No More


The Pavillion Inn

Pavillion Inn Anguilla
Photo Credit: The Pavillion Inn

Size: Small

Location: Inland from the beach, views of St. Martin.

Description: Just a short walk from the Anguilla ferry terminal, and propped up on a small hill, lies The Pavillion Inn. This hotel is not on sandy beach front, but is a short walk to the beach.

This Anguilla Inn has three units: Penthouse, Deluxe and Junior. Book the penthouse for the most impressive views of St. Martin!

Willie's Inn

Willie Inn

Size: Small

Location: On the way to the beach.

Description: There are sixteen apartment units at Willie's Inn, each have a kitchen and nice views of St. Martin.