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Patsy's Seaside Villa's

by Ron Bryson
(Elwood, Indiana, USA)

Photo Credit: Pasty's Seaside Villas

Photo Credit: Pasty's Seaside Villas

We just stayed a week at Patsy's and we had a wonderful time.

They had everything we needed and called and asked if there was anything they could do to help us during our stay.

A special thanks to Mitch who helped us with trying to find housing for our grandson staying on the Island for medical school.

I am sure it was not the nicest place on the Island but it had everything we needed, especially on a fixed budget.

All you had to do was step out and you were right on the beach. You could swim snorkel walk down the beach or walk to the dolphin habitat.

And, you can't beat the price anywhere on the island for a seaside villa.

Thanks again Patsy's!

'Till the next time,

Ron Bryson

Nori's Reply: Thank you for sharing, Ron. I've heard many great things about Pasty's Seaside Villas and know many people who return year after year to this comfortable spot, right on the sand.

I know many people love Pasty's for the personable staff, hospitality, and its location, too.

It is quite central. It's just a 5 minute walk from the Anguilla ferry terminal, and right next door to Ferry Boat Inn, home to one of the best burgers on the island, and the best place to spend a Wednesday night (Wednesday is Ferry Boat Inn's $1 wing night!).

As you mentioned, Ron, the beach here is quite nice too. The views of St. Martin in the distance are beautiful, and watching the boats come in and out of St. Martin is always fun.

The rooms are comfortable adn well-appointed, each with a clean and comfortable indoor living space and a small kitchen for preparing meals in. A good way to save money on vacation!

For under $200 per night (in the winter), I completely agree that Pasty's is a great deal.

Patsy's Seaside Villas

Patsy's Seaside Villas

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