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One of The Best Value Anguilla Restaurants...
Ferryboat Inn


Anguilla is loaded with excellent mid-priced restaurants, and many restaurants serve up tasty burgers. One question our family always keeps in the back of our minds is, "who has the best burger?"

Ferryboat Inn
Anguilla restaurants ferryboat inn at night

On early trips to Anguilla, our family searched high and low. We surveyed people living in Anguilla. The recurring advice?

"Try Ferryboat Inn. Theirs is unbeatable."

We made our way down to Blowing Point village, passing the colorful, Caribbean school and the local grocery shop, and took a right just before reaching the Anguilla Ferry.

Soon we saw the rustic sign...

The Ferryboat Inn
Anguilla restaurants ferryboat inn sign

Car doors slammed behind us as we gazed out at the picturesque little restaurant perched right on Blowing Point beach.

Ferryboat Inn's Setting

Ferryboat Inn By Day
Anguilla restaurants

Visually, this place is ahead of the game.

Magnificent view of St. Martin. Gentle turquoise seas and rhythmic lapping waves.

Literally right on the beach, Ferryboat is your prototypical beach bar/restaurant.

Ten out of ten for location and friendly vibe.

We took a seat right by the edge of the deck, enjoying the tradewinds and the sun.

We pretended to examine the menu.

I say "pretend," because who were we kidding?

We were not here for the fish sandwich. And our stomachs were not craving the snapper salad, as tasty as it sounded. We were on a mission. Burgers! We skipped the menu-scan, and we all cut straight to ordering 4 big, juicy burgers.

Our waitress brought us a couple of drinks while we waited. We chat and drank and chat and drank. And then, suddenly, the moment of truth had arrived... Four sensational-looking hamburgers lay before us.

The Ferryboat Inn Burger
Ferry boat burger

The moment my teeth sank into the burger, I knew. My sister knew. My Mom knew. My Dad knew.

Ferry boat burger

"This is a seriously good burger."

Wings at Ferry Boat Inn

Ferryboat Inn's burger stands out for its rich flavor. The burger itself is cooked over charcoal, giving it a deep smoky flavor.

From there, it is topped with lettuce, tomato and onion, and popped onto a fluffy, white bun. Craving bacon? Or cheese? They'll put it on there, too! Just ask.

The burger is served up with tasty handcut, homemade fries. These are so tasty, I recommend ordering an extra basket!

The Ferryboat Inn is definitely a top contender for "best burger of all time" at any of Anguilla's restaurants.

Ferryboat Inn: More Than A Good Burger

Since moving to Anguilla and discovering THE burger, we have become regulars at Ferryboat Inn. Ferryboat Inn has become one of our favorite, lower-priced, high value Anguilla restaurants.

The food is consistently good, the service is welcoming and friendly, and the atmosphere, right on Blowing Point beach, looking out to St. Martin leaves nothing to be desired.

When it comes to food? For the longest time, you could only get me to eat one thing at Ferryboat Inn.

Yep, you guessed it, burgers.

That changes come Wednesday night, the super popular night at Ferryboat Inn.

Starting at 6:30 PM (no reservations, so show up early or be prepared to wait) they serve their weekly special: wings, battered and deep fried. Yuki, and just about everyone else in Anguilla, swears by their wings!

Order them plain...

Plain Wings
Plain Wings at Ferry Boat Inn

Mild, medium...

Spicy Wings at Ferry Boat Inn

Spicy hot, lathered in honey BBQ sauce...

Spicy Hot!
BBQ Wings at Ferry Boat Inn

Or order half a dozen of each...

Wings at Ferry Boat Inn

For $1/wing, eat to your heart's content.

Wednesday Wings night at Ferryboat Inn is fun and lively, and usually very busy.

Roast Dinner Specials

If a calmer evening is what you are looking for, come back when Christian has his special roast dinners.

Christian owns and runs Ferryboat Inn with his family, who is from Trinidad. His father was from England, which may be why Ferryboat has a sort of tropical bar-pub atmosphere.

Meet Christian McClean
anguilla restaurants ferry boat inn

Christian's special roast dinner nights are a favorite for many who live in Anguilla. They are announced on the spur of the moment, so be sure to follow Ferryboat Inn's Facebook page to see when they will be happening.

When it comes to the roast itself, the dish can be anything from roast pork to roast beef. Christian does them all well.

anguilla restaurants ferry boat inn

Dinner always begins with a rum punch.

Christian serves one of the best rum punches on the island.

Not watered down, no fruit juice, not too strong, just perfect.

It's hard to find a rum punch that tops Christian's!

As you can see, my Dad loves it

After cocktails?

Christian brings over a warm basket of bread, straight-from-the-oven.

In an effort to save room for the evening meal, we resist asking for two baskets! ;-)

The cocktails and warm rolls pair so perfectly with the sounds of lapping waves and sights of St. Martin's lights...

The Soft Lights of St. Martin in the Distance
anguilla ferry boat inn

anguilla ferry boat inn

In good time, dinner is served.

If you see roast pork tenderloin listed as a special, don't miss it. It is one of Christian's best specialties.

Pork tenderloin is roasted to perfection, served in a light gravy.

Fresh asparagus and steamed vegetables on the side.

Yuki's favorite part?

The scalloped potatoes!

Some nights Christian serves baked potato, mashed potato or roast potato.

Each are equally good, but we all love his scalloped potatoes.

Scalloped potatoes aren't a regular menu item at most restaurants, and rarely are they done this well! ;-)

Other specials served can include roast lamb, roast beef and, when Christian is feeling creative, chicken parmesan stuffed with coconut.

The specials are served with fresh vegetables, and a potato side.

We usually skip starters to save room for Christian's special, but if you're a bigger eater, for starters, most people can't get enough of Christian's French onion soup.

Mom and Yuki Dig In!
anguilla ferry boat inn

anguilla ferry boat inn

Our plates are always clean in no time.

My Dad usually thinks, "Should I order a second plate?"

It is that good.

Instead, we usually "settle" for a dessert of apple crumble and coffee.

Four special roast dinners, 1 cocktail, 5 glasses of Pinot Grigio, dessert and a salad for starters will not break the bank.

The reasonable cost, friendly atmosphere and consistently good food keeps us coming back again and again.

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: Heading towards Blowing Point ferry terminal, take the right immediately before the ferry area. Continue down that road. Shortly, you will see a Ferryboat Inn side on your left. See map below for exact location.

Hours: Lunch is served Monday-Saturday from 12pm-3pm, dinner is served Monday-Saturday from 7-10pm. Closed Sunday.

Tel: 264-497-6613

Menu: Click here