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Best Breakfast Is At Tasty's!

by Bob Powers
(Boise, ID, USA)

Tasty's is a GREAT place for breakfast on Anguilla if you haven't tried it yet. And the restaurant is always packed in the morning!

Tasty's "Grand Marnier French toast" (served with fresh fruit), the "poached eggs on English muffins with hollandaise sauce and sauteed mushrooms" (a house specialty) and the "omelet with spicy vegetables and cheese" are all truly superb.

The French toast is unmatched anywhere as far as I'm concerned (and I don't usually like French toast) - best French toast that either Sandy (my wife) or I have ever had. The hash browns also make the trip to Tasty's for breakfast worthwhile - potatoes sauteed with fresh herbs and spices and served as a crispy (on the outside) pancake - just not enough of them on the plate.

I know you picked Deon's for "best breakfast," Nori. And your page on Tasty's raves about their breakfast, too. So it's a close one, I guess!

By the way, we've been to Anguilla six times and it keeps getting better. I took a lot of pictures this year (although I may not measure up to the standards set by you and your Dad) and probably will put them out some place on the web when I get a chance.

In case you're interested, we happened across your site recently while doing a search on Google. It's a great site, and clearly you and your family love Anguilla as much as my wife and I!

Keep up the great work!

Bob Powers

P.S. My runner-up choices:

Roadwell (Sandy Ground) is supposed to have good breakfasts (but we've never tried them) and the Old House (George Hill) is also pretty good (it used to be our place of choice BT - before Tasty's).

Finally, the breakfasts at George's (Cap Juluca) are excellent (Sandy loves the banana pancakes) but typically expensive.

Malliouhana also is supposed to have an excellent Sunday brunch, but again very expensive.

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Aug 15, 2007
Tasty's And Overook are 1-2
by: Jane Albright

What a great review on Tasty's, Bob. And I'd have to agree with both Nori and Bob that it's a tossup between Deon's Overlook and Tasty's. I always have the Eggs Benedict at Deon's, sitting on the edge of the terrace for the best view overlooking Sandy Ground. Keep up the good work, Nori. Warm regards and see you in Anguilla! Jane, Cleveland, USA

Aug 11, 2007
Tasty's Is Indeed Right Up There
by: Nori

Yes, Bob, I agree. Our whole family does. Tasty's is right up there. Deon's Overlook wins by a eyelash in our opinion, but if there's any doubt at all, I guess the view at Overlook would make the final decision for us. Nothing like eating with a spectacular view. But Tasty's is a wonderful spot for breakfast. So is Altamer at the high-end and Roadwell Cafe at a more reasonable price. Thanks so much for pointing out Tasty's. Nori

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