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Anguilla's Off-Season...
Restaurant Dates & Hours

When the true off-season is upon us here in Anguilla, we all know what that means...

Warmer seas, blissful beaches all to yourself and an utterly tranquil vibe overall.

That true off-season feel starts in late May/early June, lasting through to Carnival in late July/early August. The island goes from quiet and calm to red-hot with Carnival, the single biggest event of the year in Anguilla. Made up of days of festivities, including pageants, parades, parties and boat races, it is the last "hurrah" before a long and much needed rest after a year of hard work.

Following the final day of Carnival in August, many businesses close for a month or two to rejuvenate and prepare for the upcoming season. All businesses re-open in November.

How To Use The Restaurant Listings

August, September and October make up what I refer to as the off-off-season. We have compiled a list of restaurants that will be open during these months as well as a list of restaurant re-openings in November. The list is arranged by month.

Start by clicking through to August's, September's, October's or November's list (see below) for a full list of restaurants open during that month.

Coming in June or July?

Here are restaurants changes for those months...

  • Blue Bar   Closes end of July
  • Covecastles Restaurant   Closes for season at end of May
  • da'Vida Restaurant for tapas & dinner   Closes for season Jul. 15
  • Geraud   Closed for season as of Jul. 15
  • Flavours   Re-opens under new management on Jul. 10
  • Jacala   Closed Sunday for dinner, Monday, Tuesday. Closes for season end of July - July 29th.
  • Le Bon Pain   Closed Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Mango's   Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, closes for season Jul. 31
  • Picante   May 1-Jun. 26 closed Monday, Tuesday /// Jun. 26-Aug. 20 closed Tuesday
  • Scilly Cay   Closes Jul. 31
  • Trattoria   Closed Sunday, Monday. Closes for season July 29.

Certain restaurants have specific off-season changes (ex., open only specific days of the week, different off-season hours, etc.). Those are noted in red next to each listing. Unless stated in red, all restaurants listed follow their normal hours.

Lastly, if you would like more information on a specific eatery (including map, regular hours and contact info), click the restaurant's name for its full review.

*Note: If we missed a spot, please feel free to share it in the Comments section on this page and we will update the page right away. Also, if you will be visiting Anguilla during the off-season, be sure to visit us on Facebook where we will be posting updates (including menu specials and fun events) from businesses that are remaining open. :-)

Listings Of Restaurants Remaining Open During August, September, October & November

Restaurants Open In August




Restaurants Open In September


  • Palm Grove   Call ahead
  • Smokey's TBA
  • Serenity Restaurant   closes first week of Sept.
  • Zemi Beach's Stone
  • Zemi Beach's 20 Knots
  • Sandy Island   Open Thursday-Sunday, 10am-4pm with live music on Saturday and Sunday. Call ahead to reserve boat.
  • Tasty's   Closes Sept. 12
  • Gwen's   Closes in September



Restaurants Open In October




Restaurants Open In November




More 2017 Off-Season Closings & Re-Openings

Resorts & Hotels

  • CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa -- Closes Aug. 15, Re-Opens Oct. 14
  • The Reef -- Closes Aug. 1, Re-Opens Nov. 1
  • Four Seasons -- Closes Aug. 29, Re-Opens Oct. 19
  • Malliouhana -- Closes Aug. 28, Re-Opens Oct. 14
  • Cap Juluca -- Closes Aug. 27 for renovations, Re-Opens end of 2018
  • Frangipani -- Closes Aug. 27, Re-Opens Nov. 2
  • Zemi Beach House -- OPEN
  • Manoah -- Closes Aug. 20, Re-Opens Nov. 1
  • Carimar -- Closes Sept. 4, Re-Opens Oct. 14
  • Shoal Bay Villas -- Closes Aug. 31, Re-Opens Oct. 19
  • Turtles Nest -- OPEN
  • Rendezvous Bay Hotel -- Closes Aug. 22, Re-Opens Nov. 1
  • Serenity -- Closes first week of Sept., Re-Opens first week of Oct.
  • Blue Waters -- Closes for September and October
  • Las EsQuinas -- Closes Jul. 31st, Re-Opens Nov. 15
  • Arawak -- OPEN
  • Anguilla Great House -- OPEN
  • Paradise Cove -- OPEN
  • Lloyd's -- OPEN
  • Anacaona -- Closes Aug. 15, Re-Opens Oct. 15
  • La Vue -- Closes Sept. 1, Re-Opens Nov. 1

"To Do" & Shops

  • CuisinArt Golf Course   Closes August 19. Until then, they are open 5 days, closed on Sunday and Monday each week. Re-opens October 14 with regular opening hours.
  • Heritage Trail Museum   As of May 15th open 10am-12pm Monday-Friday except public holidays. Closes in-full May 29th. Re-opens 10am-4pm Monday-Friday in November.
  • Limin' Boutique   Closes Jul. 29, Re-Opens Nov. 2
  • Shoal Bay Scuba   Closes Aug. 23, Re-Opens Oct. 9
  • Tradition Sailing   Closed as of mid Aug., Re-Opens Nov.
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Up-to-date information on Anguilla post-Irma here.


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