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Anguilla's Off-Season...
Restaurant Dates & Hours


When the true off-season is upon us here in Anguilla, we all know what that means...

Warmer seas, blissful beaches all to yourself and an utterly tranquil vibe overall.

That true off-season feel starts in late May/early June, lasting through to Carnival in late July/early August. The island goes from quiet and calm to red-hot with Carnival, the single biggest event of the year in Anguilla. Made up of days of festivities, including pageants, parades, parties and boat races, it is the last "hurrah" before a long and much needed rest after a year of hard work.

Following the final day of Carnival in August, many businesses close for a month or two to rejuvenate and prepare for the upcoming season. All businesses re-open in November.

Click here for our full guide to the off season in Anguilla.

How To Use The Restaurant Listings

August, September and October make up what I refer to as the off-off-season. We have compiled a list of restaurants that will be open during these months as well as a list of restaurants that are closing (or are already closed) and are re-opening later in the season.

To see which restaurants will be open throughout the whole off season, click here. If you don't see certain restaurants on that list, they are not remaining open all season. Click here for that list of restaurants and their closing and re-opening dates.

Restaurant Closing & Re-Opening List




More Off-Season Closings & Re-Openings

Resorts & Hotels

  • Aurora -- Open all season
  • Quintessence -- July 31st, November 1st
  • Four Seasons -- Closes Aug. 22th, Re-Opens Oct. 18th
  • Frangipani -- Closes Aug. 26th, Re-Opens Nov.1st
  • Manoah -- Re-Opens Nov. 1st
  • Zemi Beach House -- Closes Aug. 20th, Re-Opens Oct. 21st
  • Malliouhana -- Closes Aug. 22th, Re-Opens Oct. 24th
  • Anguilla Great House -- Open all season
  • Arawak Beach Club -- Open all season
  • Bella Blu -- Open all season
  • Carimar -- Closes Sept.1st, Re-Opens Oct.7th
  • Paradise Cove -- Open all season
  • Rendezvous Bay Hotel -- TBD
  • Shoal Bay Villas -- Closes Aug. 26th, Re-Opens Oct. 20th
  • Turtle's Nest -- TBD

Transportation & Other Tours

  • Calypso Charters Closes September 1st, Re-Opens October 9th
  • Striker Rum & Reel Charters Open
  • Tradition Sailing   Closes July 30th, Re-Opens: November 1st
  • Anguilla Water Sports Open all season