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Anguilla "Fast" Food...
Papa Lash & His Vegetarian-Friendly Food Van


Papa Lash At A Glance

By: Kristin Bourne

Affordable and fast, Papa Lash offers nutritious quick lunch choices and plenty of options for vegetarians.

More on Papa Lash, below...

Anguilla may not have "fast food" (one of the special things that makes Anguilla, Anguilla), but there are plenty of places where you can get delicious, nourishing, and not so costly food, fast.

One of my favorites for quick, good, and inexpensive is Mary's Bakery. Bakeries in Anguilla are one of the island's only dining options similar to "fast food restaurants".

Another "fast food" type option in Anguilla?

A food van!

The colorful and vibrant Papa Lash Food Van in The Valley
Anguilla food, Anguilla food van, Papa Lash food van, The Valley, vegetarian

If you've spent time in Anguilla and driven (especially) around The Valley on a Monday through Friday, you've surely noticed them. While Anguilla's food vans aren't limited to The Valley the concentration of them are found there.

The most popular late night food van is known as "Bugs". Bugs is the owner/cook and he serves up hot, local food and plenty of orders of "fried chicken and chips" (aka fried chicken and french fries).

During the day, you have your pick of food vans.

The Papa Lash Food Van is a successful one that has been in service since around 2002. It's a favorite!

It is tastefully and creatively hand-painted and is regularly parked just west of the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School (aka "the high school") and across the street from The Anguilla National Trust in The Valley.

Just pull off the road, park, and walk up to the van.

Approaching Papa Lash Food Van from the east...
Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School is behind the yellow wall on the right,
Papa Lash is just after the school on the right
Anguilla food, Anguilla food van, Papa Lash food van, The Valley, vegetarian

Just like "Bugs" Food Van, the Papa Lash Food Van is named after its owner...

Meet Papa Lash

Papa Lash is a tall, warm and friendly man. If that's not enough, his food is very tasty and reasonably priced.

Meet Papa Lash
Anguilla food, Anguilla food van, Papa Lash food van, The Valley, vegetarian

Most of his offerings are good for vegetarians as well.

Hands down the most popular sandwich is the Plantation Sandwich: a whole wheat pita bread stuffed with tofu, cheese, onion/lettuce/tomato, and a little tomato sauce. He'll throw in some alfalfa sprouts when he can get them too.

Other sandwiches include a fish burger, cheese sandwich, tuna sandwich, vegetable sandwich, and a veggie burger. The sandwiches range from $7 to $14 EC… that is about $2.50 to $5.50 US.

Vegetarian Food Only?

I asked Papa Lash if he ever did serve any meat and he said he did from time to time. I noticed he had a ham and cheese sandwich as well as hot dogs on the menu the day I stopped by.

This is the very popular cheese patty
Anguilla food, Anguilla food van, Papa Lash food van, The Valley, vegetarian

Other menu items that are popular are the patties: cheese, saltfish, vegetable, and soya. They are $7 EC which is roughly $2.50 US.

Sweet potato fries are on the menu sometimes too! They are next on my list to try. I'm already in love with the cheese patty.

His patties are so unique.

They are big, light, and flaky. In addition, they are very flavorful... almost like "gourmet" patties!

Looking to try out the Papa Lash Food Van?

Look for Papa Lash Monday through Friday anywhere from 7:30am to 4:30pm, but don't look for him on the weekends, he is off. ;-)

There are exceptions to his location and they would fall during local holidays. During Anguilla Carnival you might find him down in Sandy Ground or deeper in to The Valley for a parade or event.

But, if it's a regular ole' weekday on the amazing island of Anguilla, rest assured, you will find Papa Lash exactly where he always is...

Stop by and eat your lunch under a shady tree or take it to go for a nice beach picnic. It's just another fabulous local thing to do in Anguilla!

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: Papa Lash is located in The Valley, usually next to Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School, which is across the street from the library.

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Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. Closed on weekends.