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C Level...
"Rendezvous" With Caribbean Bites & Blue


Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club has one of the most desirable locations in Anguilla. The five-star luxury resort lines the beach that has been voted the Caribbean's "best" time and time again, Rendezvous Bay.

Right on the beach's pillowy sands, the hotel's beachfront restaurant, C Level takes full advantage of this prime location.

Welcome to C Level
Lunch at Eventide

Here, frozen drinks are blended in the restaurant's famous circular bar. Refreshing lunch bites are served out on the dining area. Now, that dining area is wider than ever, stretching out onto the beach.

C Level's patio extends over Rendezvous Bay's powdery-fine sands.

Rendezvous Bay

Spacious and open-air, indulge in a cocktail and then? Step off the patio onto the beach.

Dip into Rendezvous' blue waters. Return for lunch bites and perhaps "round two" of cool afternoon cocktails.

BLUE-tiful RendezVIEWS
Rendezvous Bay

The terrace's expansion goes hand in hand with a re-invigorated lunch menu. Let's see what C Level has in store down on the shores of Rendezvous Bay.

Fresh Caribbean Bites & Blue!

Lunch at Aurora's C Level always begins with a cool cocktail. There is no better compliment to the blue backdrop than a vibrant drink.

The Aurora team is known for serving up excellent drinks with a potent punch.

cocktails at Eventide

Our top picks? The Ginger Peach Cooler with Plantation Grande Reserve 5-Year Rum, crème de pêche, ginger, fresh lemon and a dash of Angostura Bitters.

For something with a bite, go for the Island Margarita. This cocktail is loaded with jalapeño-infused Don Julio Blanco Tequila, mezcal, subtle hints of vanilla and zesty fresh lemon. We could sip on this margarita all day!

Cooled by a refreshing cocktail, what's next? To tackle the lunch menu!

The menu showcases Caribbean specialties. It is separated by four main sections: Bites, sandwiches, salads and grilled options.

To start, we recommend...

Fried Calamari & Panko Shrimp
Fried Calamari & Panko Shrimp

Jumbo shrimp are golden-fried in a rich panko crust and served with a lightly flavored mango chili sauce. Once you start snacking on these shrimp, you shrimply can't stop! They are oh-so satisfying.

Next, C Level's salads...

Greek Salad & Caesar Salad
Greek Salad & Caesar Salad

Foodie Tip: Every veggie in these salads is grown on the Aurora property! Yep, Aurora's hydroponic gardens are back. Lettuce tell you, it does not get fresher than this.

The Greek salad goes down as a favorite. A mix of greens, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, red onions and feta cheese is topped with a red wine vinaigrette. We recommend adding avocado. Fresh, crisp, delicious and nutritious.

Speaking of items from the garden, the gazpacho is another "must"...

Chilled Garden Tomato Gazpacho
Gazpacho c level

This cool cup of fresh tomato soup with butterflied shrimp is a breath of fresh air on a warm day.

Moving onto mains, the menu's grilled section features a number of dishes that will make you return to C Level over and over again.

Anguillan Lobster
Anguillan Lobster

Fresh-caught Anguilla lobster is served with a roasted garlic and thyme butter sauce. The lobster melts in your mouth, softened by the sweet butter.

Next, the St. Louis BBQ Baby Back Ribs...

St. Louis BBQ Baby Back Ribs at Eventide

These ribs are equal part huge, tender and flavorful. Pair them with C Level's silky BBQ sauce for the full flavor effect.

Naturally, a Caribbean BBQ dish is not complete without a serving of rice & peas. C Level gets an A+ for authentic Anguillian rice & peas. Savory and flavorful, this side dish makes us feel right at home!

Also up for grabs is the catch of the day, crayfish and...

Half Grilled Chicken
Half Grilled Chicken

Chicken is cooked to perfection and soaked in a secret mix of savory seasonings and spices. It is plated with slaw and a rich jerk mayo dip.

The chicken and jerk mayo are a decadent match made in heaven!

C-Level is also known for its sandwiches. Its truffle burger and club sandwich are show-stoppers.

Show-Stoppingly Good Club Sandwich
club sandwich at c-level

Check out the size of that club! This double decker features smokey bacon, turkey, tomato and lettuce layered between buttery grilled bread. You won't be able to resist polishing off every last ounce of this enormous lunch classic.

Last but not least, no meal is complete without a little sweet treat. To end a perfect day at C-Level, an order of chocolate chip cookies is in order.

Sweet Endings
dessert at c-level

Add a scoop of ice cream for best results :-)

For a closer look at the C Level experience, see the video below...


Satisfying in every way, C Level delivers a sumptuous lunch experience.

The last thing to do? Take in more RendezVIEWS and snooze!

C Level gets our vote for a luxurious beach bar best.

Directions, Hours & Contact

Hours: C Level is open daily 11:00am – 4pm.

Tel: For reservations, call: 264-498-2000

Directions: At Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club.