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Hall's Unique Bakery...
Home of the inspiring Coconut Tart

Update 2017: Hall's Bakery is now located in South Hill - just past the Sandy Ground round about if you are coming from the east end (before the round about if you are coming from the west end). With a bigger building, Hall's still serves up the same excellent eats at a great price and with friendly service!

By: Kristin Bourne

Conveniently located in The Valley, Hall's Unique Bakery was founded in 1990 by Mr. Andre T. Hall.

While this Anguilla bakery serves everything from sweets, to sandwiches and hot food, the inspiration for its existence all stems from the joy of giving homemade bread and coconut tarts to friends.

halls unique bakery sign

Andre's mother and her love for baking made quite an impression on him. Enthused by the reaction of the recipients of his mothers' baked goods (especially the coconut tarts), he turned the notion into a business - Hall's Unique Bakery.

The secret of the special coconut tarts was in the way his mother made them.

Today, that same coconut tart is made with the same standards and with a few additional ingredients.

In fact, the Hall's Unique Bakery coconut tart (which has been featured on the Food Network) has fans from as far away as Australia, Sweden and many throughout United States.

Hall's Unique Bakery in The Valley
exterior halls bakery

Chicken wings and patties
are hot and ready to go...
chicken wings, patties at hall's unique bakery

In addition to the coconut tarts, there are plenty of other local bakery goods that patrons line up for...

Patties are a hot item and come filled with kingfish, saltfish, chicken and beef.

Alongside the patties are very delicious fry cakes (aka, johnny cakes) - a staple in Anguilla.

The recently updated menu board does a nice job of displaying all of Hall's made-to-order offerings.

Long bread sandwich at Hall's
long bread sandwich at halls

Sandwich options start with your choice of bread: long bread (baguette-shaped bread that comes in both white and wheat), johnny cake (a more bread-like version) and big bun (large round bread).

There's a wide variety of fillings for your Hall's sandwich: tuna, beef, ham, egg, sausage, egg, turkey, chicken, saltfish, butter, lettuce, tomato and cheese.

Buns and sweet treats at the Hall's counter
halls bakery counter of buns and sweet treats

The sandwich prices are listed in EC dollars and range from $2 to $12 (about $1.20 to about $7 US)

Eating at local bakeries in Anguilla really does help the budget and is usually tasty and filling. Hall's is no exception.

Cheese and mayonaise is a popular local option as well as the tuna. I've always had a good experience from Hall's.

As with many bakeries though, some items go more quickly than others. It's possible that as the day goes on, some favorites are sold out so get in early if you are craving something particular.

Another important thing to note is Hall's Saturday Saltfish Breakfast complete with sailfish, johnnycakes, sauteed potatoes, eggplant, boiled organic eggs, bacon and plantains.

Johnny cakes at Hall's
johnny cakes halls bakery anguilla

During lunch time, Hall's serves hot food and that menu varies from day to day.

The day I stopped in to speak with the owners, the hot food menu included: baked chicken drumstick/wing, vegetable pasta, meatballs, rice and peas, corn on the cob and plantains.

Now that sounds like excellent comfort food.

Add to that a very pleasant staff that works hard to get through the rushes of customers that frequent this popular spot.

Even if it looks busy inside, don't be shy to step up to the counter and place your order. When it's busy, I've never waited much longer than 5 minutes to receive my order.

Hall's does mostly take-out but there are a few tables inside should you not want to eat on the go.

It's been said before... Anguilla bakeries are a fine way to eat decently and not dent your wallet. Hall's Unique Bakery is one of my favorites on the island and fortunately, it's centrally located.

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: Near Sandy Ground round about. It is located just before the round about if you are coming from the west and it is on the left side of the road.

Halls Bakery

Hours: Monday - Friday, 6am - 1pm and Saturday 6am - 12pm. Closed Sunday.

Tel.: 264-497-5538