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Savi Beach Club...
Meads Bay's Most Stylish Beach Stop


Jaw-dropping. Show-stopping. The talk of the island!

Welcome to the spot that has been turning heads down on luxurious Meads Bay...

Savi Beach Club

One glance at the larger than life restaurant and you are awe-struck.

Set right next door to the fabulous Four Seasons, Savi Beach Club is right in league with the pace-setting property.

Let's step inside...

Welcome to Savi Beach Club
savi beach club

Savi immediately grabs you as you arrive.

Sails billow at the entrance, egg chairs dangle in the Meads Bay breeze. A beach attendant greets you as make your way down the long, posh walkway to the restaurant.

savi beach club

The pathway is bordered by marble columns on one side and a sparkling fountain to the next.

Mirrored, it is a true "catwalk." It begs you to take a selfie.

How could you not want to capture the moment?

fountain at savi beach club

Before you reach the restaurant, and going hand in hand with the catwalk is...

Savi's Boutique
savi boutique

Savi's boutique is something straight out of swanky South Beach. A shop with a "concept store" air of cool, it is reminiscent of the extra-modern boutique in Miami, The Webster.

Here will you find swimwear in bold, beautiful colors, eye-catching accessories, all with a contemporary tropical flair.

inside savi boutique

Exiting the chic boutique, you realize Savi is so much more than a restaurant.

This is an experience.

Hello, Savi Beach Club!

Enormous, lofty and expansive, Savi Beach Club stretches out over thousands of square feet and two levels. The grand marble bar and multiple tables for dining make up the restaurant's first level.

savi beach club

Plush couches and marble tables for lounging and snacking sit on the second level.

savi beach club

Outside, umbrellas and beach chairs call your name for a post-meal snooze. If it is day beds you prefer, those are available, too.

As you take in the atmosphere, the design elements jump out at you. The place settings, the lacquered chopsticks and the use of gold...

savi beach club setting

The beach club's little touches go a long way.

From the grand pieces, to the fine details, Savi is design-savvy.

Inspired Cocktails

For the full Savi experience, start with a signature cocktail. Crafted by Managing Director, Eduard Balan these drinks tickle your tastebuds and your cerebrum.

Pina Asada & Clear Punch
savi cocktails

The Pina Asada is Savi's twist on a pina colada. Pineapple is grilled, soaked in rum, macerated and served inside a picturesque coconut cup. The whole concoction is topped with house-whipped coconut cream.

Prefer a lighter choice? The Clear Punch is a breath of smooth, fresh air on a warm day. Made with hibiscus tea and clarified rum, it is almost too pretty to drink.

If it is whiskey you prefer, you can't go wrong with the Japanese Sour.

Japanese Sour & Italian75
italian75 cocktail and japanese sour

The Italian75 offers a light respite for those who love passionfruit and prosecco.

These last two cocktails encapsulate the dining experience at Savi. Prepare to dive into a world of authentic Japanese and Italian cuisine.

Contemporary Cuisine

Executive Chef Dario Schiavo joins Savi Beach Club with a world of experience from high-end contemporary, Italian and Japanese restaurants in London and Italy, including Aqua Restaurant Group, Sumosan Twiga and Zuma. Italian born, Chef's domain is Japanese and Italian cuisine.

Joining Chef Dario is Head Sushi Chef, Ossama Jouali. Chef Ossama honed his skills in London at Sumosan Twiga and at Sumosan in France.

Both chefs shine in their areas of culinary expertise.

As you sip your cocktail and peruse the menu, a bread basket is placed before you...

Housemade Breads
bread basket at savi

Shortly after, the show begins!...

Swanky Starters

Prepare for flavors that will whisk your tastebuds away to a whole new world. This is a dining extravaganza.

The menu opens with a number of cold and hot appetizers, salads and fried starters. Our favorite from the fried section of the menu...

Savi's Octopus Fritter
savi octopus fritter

This is not your average Takoyaki. Chef's octopus fritters defy all expectation. Perfectly cooked, firm octopus is fried into a fritter. The bites are topped with unagi sauce, black tobiko and Serrano ham shavings.

The crispiness of the fritter is enhanced by the octopus inside. So savory and with an addictive crunch, we could snack on these all afternoon.

Next, Louise's all-time favorite starter...

Savi's Parmigiana
savi parmigiana

Chef puts a modern twist on this Italian classic. Deconstructed, eggplant is sliced thin. Almost chip-like, it is topped with an outrageously rich and creamy mix of mozzarella and parmesan.

Savi's Parmigiana
savi parmigiana

The cheese-laced eggplant is placed on a slathering of fresh tomato sauce with basil. So fresh and fragrant, it immediately transports you to Italy.

Savi's sushi menu is another option for light bites.

Shrimp Tempura Roll
shrimp tempura roll

Sushi Chef Ossama rolls out sushi before your eyes in Savi's open sushi kitchen.

Sashimi, nigiri, and maki rolls make up the menu. The shrimp tempura roll is a best seller. Shrimp tempura is rolled with cucumber and Yamagobo and topped with Sriracha mayo and tenkasu. Crispy tenkasu beads are a fun addition, enhancing the texture of the tempura.

Exquisite Entrées

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?...

Tortelli Crab & Asparagus
tortelli crab and asparagus

When it comes to entrées, Chef Dario's skills shine all over again. Soft, made-that-day tortellis melt in your mouth. Artfully folded, you can feel the care that goes into preparing these delicate packets of goodness.

Chef stuffs his tortellis, alternating between crab and asparagus. Chili peppers bring a tangy surprise to the dish. When your mouth needs to cool off? The pasta's bath of creamy truffle sauce is the chili's natural antidote.

If it is protein you prefer, this dish is quite the catch...

Salmon Teriyaki
salmon teriyaki savi beach club

The salmon flakes ever so lusciously at the touch of your fork. Pour over the teriyaki sauce and your tastebuds will thank you.

This is not a heavy teriyaki glaze. Chef's sauce is carefully constructed. Gentle and light, the subtle flavors perfectly complement and accentuate the flavorful fish.

You can taste Chef Dario's world of talent and experience with every bite of his menu. His cuisine easily ranks as one of the top meals in Anguilla today.

We are already anticipating our return for pasta, pizzas, meats and fish dishes! But before we book our next table? Time for...

La Dolce Vita

For chocolate lovers, you will be in heaven with...

Wasabi Chocolate Fondant
wasabi fondant cake

Warm chocolate sauce with hints of wasabi flows freely as you break into the rich, velvety cake. Served with a fresh strawberry sorbet with chocolate nibbles, the combination is decadent.

If it is sponge cake you prefer...

Savi's Baba
savi's baba cake'

A bouncy sponge cake is cut in two and served with grilled, glazed pineapple. With creamy coconut ice cream, it is a tropical explosion.

These desserts remind you, life is sweet!

Final Thoughts on Savi Beach Club

The Savi Beach Club team deserves special recognition. The service is world-class.

The team is made up of seasoned hospitality workers from across Anguilla's top properties. Anticipating your every need, helping without hovering. Their experience shows.

Thank You, Savi Beach Club!
savi beach club

Together with Food & Beverage Manager, Alessandro Marinucci and Managing Director, Eduard Balan hailing from Europe, every part of the Savi experience is seemless and smooth.

The Savi team is redefining what it means to be "luxury" in Anguilla.

Sea You at Savi
savi beach club

From show-stopping atmosphere, to impeccable service and cuisine that pushes Anguilla's dining standards levels higher, Savi is a "must" among Meads Bay's exquisite restaurants.

Savi Beach Club is an Anguilla Card Partner. Save 10% when you dine at Savi with your Anguilla Card.

Directions, Hours & Contact

*Note: Beach chairs are included with lunch.

Directions: Next to Four Seasons' Bamboo Bar & Grill on Meads Bay.

Hours: Daily for lunch and dinner.

Tel: (264) 772-7284