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Bamboo Bar & Grill...
Caribbean Elegance on Meads Bay Beach


Over the years, Meads Bay has become a Caribbean dining destination. The beach is known for its wide collection of top tier beachfront restaurants that attract the most discerning travelers and gourmands.

Set over sparkling-white sands that give way to dazzling diamond-like seas, Bamboo Bar & Grill has long been a favorite for crisp cocktails and long, leisurely lunches.

Four Seasons Anguilla, Meads Bay
four seasons bamboo bar and grill on meads bay anguilla

Today, Four Seasons Anguilla's enhancements move it into firm "best of beach" contention. Ambiance, layout and menu have all been taken to new heights.

Step inside Four Seasons Anguilla's upscale Caribbean beach bar.

Dining Al Fresco

One is immediately struck by Bamboo Bar & Grill's openness to the beach.

Welcome to Bamboo Bar & Grill
outdoor terrace at bamboo bar & grill four seasons

Its spacious terrace expands over the sands of Meads Bay. Views stretch down the long sweep of white-sand beach.

Sweep of Meads Bay Beach
meads bay view from bamboo bar & grill at four seasons

And what a remarkable and variable view it is!

A beach with a jetset buzz, Meads Bay always puts on a show. You may find yourself watching some of the world's most famous mega yachts as they in turn watch you. "A", Eclipse and Yalla are all regulars.

Mega Yacht "A" on Meads
meads bay view from bamboo bar & grill at four seasons

On another day powerful waves may pound Meads mercilessly.

Surfing Meads Bay, Anguilla
surfing on meads bay anguilla in front of bamboo bar and grill

And on the very next day you may find yourself hypnotized by a million points of light shimmering in fifty shades of calm blue water.

Serene Meads Bay
meads bay beach scene in front of bamboo bar and grill

Meads never fails to wow.

Bamboo's corner of Meads Bay is one of the beach's best. Tucked on the western end, this cove is ripe with excellent snorkeling on calm days. When Mother Nature stirs, it transforms into a surfer's paradise.

Set back from the outdoor deck is the restaurant's covered dining space and bar, surrounded by swaying palms and manicured gardens.

Inside Bamboo Bar & Grill
inside bamboo bar and grill at four seasons

the bar at bamboo bar & grill at four seasons

Dressed in woods and lined with bamboo accents, the feeling is markedly tropical.

The long, elegant marble bar offsets the use of warm wood.

It lends a polished and upscale feel to the beachside eatery.

At Bamboo Bar & Grill, the balance of "laid-back" and luxury is well struck.

Fancy a couple of hours of sports with drinks and friends? The bar features two flatscreen TVs.

The whole covered dining space opens onto the open air deck. Out on the terrace, crisp white umbrellas provide shade while you take a "front row seat" on Meads Bay beach.

Let's settle in...

... with an "AXA" Drink with a View
front row seat at bamboo bar and grill on meads bay beach

Meet Chef John Richardson

Chef John Richardson is well known within Four Seasons Anguilla. He has headed up their banquet and events culinary team for years. Handling the most extravagant weddings and events, Chef John has a whole lot of experience.

Meet Chef John Richardson
chef darren connor of four seasons bamboo bar and grill

Today, he leads the culinary team at the widely-loved Bamboo Bar & Grill. Your taste buds are in for a treat with Chef John.

What's on Chef's menu?...

Sumptuous Caribbean Beach Cuisine

Long, leisurely lunches done "Anguilla-style" begin at the cocktail menu. The Jalapeño Margarita is Four Seasons' signature beverage. Fresh jalapeño is diced and added to the tequila-based drink.

Sip slowwwwly. Each sip delivers a uniquely special kick.

Four Seasons' Jalapeño Margarita & Rum Punch
jalapeno margarita and rum punch at four seasons anguilla

Beach fare is the order of the day at Bamboo.

Their lunch menu starts with a selection of "to share" items including the 5 ingredient guacamole and crispy calamari. Dressed in cajun spice and resting on a bed of arugula and lemon, it is extra-addictive.

The Crispy Calamari
The crispy calamari at four seasons bamboo bar and grill

Its special touch? The side of oh-so-divine roasted garlic aioli.

Next on Bamboo's menu "From The Garden", where you can find a unique salad with a crunch...

Bamboo Salad
bamboo salad at four seasons

An explosion of healthy ingredients, kale, local greens, moringa, avocado, mango and purple cabbage are all tossed together with a light passionfruit vinaigrette. The salad is peppered with quinoa and pumpkin seeds, which gives the salad a satisfying crunch. Skirt steak, shrimp, blackened mahi mahi, snapper and jerk chicken breast can be added.

There is no compromising on taste, flavor and satisfaction when dining healthy at Bamboo!

Note: At this point in the meal you are likely to notice that the service is another area that Four Seasons gets right. Fast and friendly, they anticipate without hovering.

Moving on to the main plates, "The Beach Classics".

First up, The Bamboo Burger. 8oz of Kobi Beef is layered with swiss cheese, mushrooms and grilled onions.

8oz. Bamboo Burger
Bamboo Burger at four seasons bamboo bar and grill

All popped on a picture-perfect bun, the dish comes with a side of fries or salad, and a secret sauce!

The Bamboo Burger & Fries
The Bamboo Burger at four seasons bamboo bar and grill

The "Beach Classics" section features many more tasty beach eats, including what just may be Anguilla's top sandwich of all time, The Crispy Crab Sandwich.

Crispy Crab Sandwich
Crab Sandwich at four seasons bamboo bar and grill

Soft shell crab is deep fried to perfection, layered with red onions and lettuce, popped onto a hot Johnny cake and topped with a tartar sauce.

Crab Sandwich at four seasons bamboo bar and grill

A sandwich with a crispy crunch, we are in love with this Bamboo specialty!

The last section of the menu is the "Homemade Pizzas." Your options include: Jerk chicken, burrata and baby arugula, quattro formaggi, lobster, classic pepperoni and the margherita.

Margherita Homemade Pizza
Margherita Homemade Pizza at four seasons bamboo bar and grill

It is "melt-in-your-mouth" good!

Lobster Pizza
lobster Homemade Pizza at four seasons bamboo bar and grill

The lobster pizza with capers and olives gets our vote for top pick. A true work of art!

With a vastly improved setting, efficient service and an outstanding menu, Bamboo Bar & Grill is challenging to be your favorite spot on the beach. Bamboo Bar & Grill brings a sumptuous beach bite to Meads Bay, living up to Four Seasons' world-class standard.

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: Located on Meads Bay at Four Seasons Anguilla. Park inside Four Seasons' visitor parking and take the road on the right (away from the main hotel and lobby). Follow that road and follow the signs to Meads Bay.

Hours: Lunch daily from 11:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

Tel: 264-497-7000

Menu: Bamboo Bar & Grill menu


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