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Beachy-Chic & Live Music Beats on Meads Bay


Waves has closed.

By: Louise Fayet

Waves is the talk of the island!

Set on the sands of Anguilla's pristine Meads Bay, it doesn't get sweeter than this...

Welcome to Waves!
Waves on Meads Bay

Wood-clad and painted blue and white, Waves blends right into the colors that define Meads Bay (its vibrant blue sea and bright-white sands). Shady striped umbrellas, twinkling lights, and a built up bar area complete with nautical ropes and tall folding chairs all lend a beachy-chic vibe to this sweet spot.

The Bar
Wooden bar at Waves

Turn 180° in the opposite direction? You are greeted with this view of Meads Bay blue...

Daytime View at Waves
Lunch at Waves

Deck at Waves with view of meads bay

Waves has you at "hello!"

The Food

Waves' regular menu features a terrific line up of beachy finger food. One of the must-tries? The loaded fries...

English-Style Loaded Fries
English loaded fries from waves

A heaping bowl of hand-cut fries are topped with just about anything you can imagine. Selections include the "Classic" with sour cream, bacon, cheddar cheese and spring onions, "Curried" with chicken or vegetable curry and a poppadom chutney, triple cheese and chilli con carne. We went with the "English" loaded fries with baked beans, shreds of cheddar cheese and a sunny side up egg, and the "Classic".

Classic Loaded Fries
Classic loaded fries from waves

Classic loaded fries from waves

Next, we sampled the "Small Bites" part of the menu. "Beef sliders or homemade bruschetta? Beef sliders or homemade bruschetta?" we deliberated. The beef sliders won this round!

Juicy Beef Sliders
Juicy beef sliders from waves

Three homemade beef sliders are popped onto soft, fluffy buns, topped with onion, lettuce and tomato and your choice of cheddar, blue or Swiss cheese.

If you are looking for healthier eats, Waves fits that bill, too. They have a large selection of "loaded salads" including Caesar, Greek, Beets & Apple and a sweet fruity salad.

Beets & Apple Loaded Salad
Beet & Apple Loaded Salad from waves

Another favorite? An order of wings with a sweet barbecue dip.

Huge and Crispy Wings
Fried wings from Waves

Quite possibly the largest wings we've ever seen, they are equal part crisp and light!

There is no better way to wash it all down than with a Waves rum punch. They have re-invented this classic Anguilla cocktail! Shining bright green, this rum punch is made with homemade blueberry syrup.

Blueberry Rum Punch
Rum punch with homeamde blueberry syrup from Waves

If it's frozen drinks you prefer, the Pina Colada is a top pick.

Pina Colada from Waves

After sips and bites, it is time to take in Waves' unbeatable atmosphere...

Winding Down at Waves

As you sip and munch up on the deck at Waves, their eye-catching hammocks, beach umbrellas and oh-so-comfy bean bag beach chairs start calling your name. The hardest decision you will make all day? Deciding between the hammocks...

Heavenly Hammocks
Hammock with view at Waves

And those bean bag beach chairs...

Bean Bag Beach Chairs
Umbrella and bean bags on Meads Bay

The best solution? Going back and forth!

Hammock Heaven
Hammock at Waves

Sinking into Relaxation Mode
Bean bag and umbrella at Waves

Drinks and meals can all be ordered to your bean bag beach chair and/or hammock.

Raspberry Daiquiri to Beat the Heat
Raspberry daiquiri on meads bay

If lazing the day away isn't your speed, Waves has a host of activities including cornhole, volleyball, kayaks and plenty of toys for the kids, making it a top spot for a family day at the beach. And in the evenings, Waves is a great spot to enjoy the sunset.

Evenings at Waves
Waves sunset on meads bay

Entertainment doesn't stop there. Waves has one of the best music line ups on the island, with the loyally-loved Decent Ones and Mystic Vybz playing regularly. For their weekly live music line up visit Waves on Facebook.

A "must do," through and through, Waves, we'll see you again soon!

Cheers to Waves
Waves rum punch on meads bay

Directions, Hours & Contact

NOTE: Waves is cash only.

Directions: Located next to Four Seasons on Meads Bay.

Hours: Open daily for lunch and dinner. Closed Wednesday in summer months.

Tel.: 264-729-3185