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Do you have your Tranquilitee? 馃憰馃挆馃尨


Maunday's Club...
Peruvian Cuisine & Champagne Sunsets

Maunday's Club has forever been a favorite for its elegance and its blue views. As the sun illuminates the beach's powdery-fine sands, Maunday's Bay's blue water sparkles in the distance. Delightful cocktails and tasty bites are served to your plush seat by the sea. It is a recipe for perfection.

Since Belmond re-opened Cap Juluca in December 2018, the question has been, "Can you improve on perfection?" Belmond answers with a resounding yes.

Maunday's Club & Its Emerald Pool
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

A Grand Setting

Step inside Maunday's Club and you are whisked into an old fashioned dream.

Maunday's Club Bar
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Belmond excels in blending vintage charm with modern luxury. Maunday's Club's bar is a definitive example. Dressed in deep greens, with a black marble bar and strips and touches of gold throughout, it is both romantic and sophisticated.

The theme continues outside with the most enchanting addition to the entire Belmond property, Maunday's Club's emerald pool.

Maunday's Club Terrace
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Emerald green sparkles under the Anguilla sun, beckoning you to slip inside. Its fountain bubbles at one end. At its opposite side, its waterfall runs down into an infinity edge pool below. Each tile twinkles like a gem stone.

The emerald pool is a most inspired touch that evokes the most exotic and upscale dreams. So striking, this could be a setting in a James Bond film. It is jaw-dropping.

The Emerald Pool
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Elegant seating surrounds and fans out from the pool. Additional seating wraps around the bar area.

Touches of ceramic pots and a variety of succulents, bougainvillea, palms, intricate wooden chairs and Maunday's Bay itself all round out the other-worldly feel.

Wrap Around Terrace Seating
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Meet Chef Cesar Landeo

Boasting one of the most popular types of cuisine in the world, Maunday's Club is rich in Peruvian flavor.

Chef Cesar Landeo
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Hailing from Peru, Chef Cesar Landeo has been with the Belmond family for over 12 years. His craft has taken him throughout his home country. From the peaks and valleys of Arequipa and Cusco, to the bustling capital of Lima, Chef brings a world of Peruvian culture to Maunday's Club.

The only Peruvian restaurant on the island, let's see what Chef Cesar has in store.

Maunday's Club For Lunch

Mid-day on Maunday's Bay calls for a refreshing cocktail.

Mid-Day Reprieve From The Sun
lunch cocktails at belmond

For a drink as blue-tiful as the sea, go with the Maunday's Mule. A mix of Blue Curacao, lime juice, vodka and ginger beer, the citrus ginger foam is an extra-refreshing touch. Another favorite? The Paradise Passion, a "must" for gin lovers. Gin is mixed with elderflower, club soda, lime juice and hibiscus syrup.

Finally, for fans of Cosmos, Maunday's does theirs with a tropical twist. This cosmo is made of mango pur茅e, passion fruit, vodka, lime juice, cointreau and coconut rum.

Maunday's Mule
maundays mule cocktail

Cocktails pair perfectly with Chef's Arequipa Hummus.

Arequipa Hummus
arequipa hummus salad at belmond

Chef makes this hummus all his own by adding fresh Peruvian flavors of onions, tomato, coriander and lime juice. The whole chickpeas and walnuts bring a satisfying "bite" to this dish. The plate is served with colorful tortilla chips, making it a perfect plate "to share."

Other appetizers include gazpacho and a variety of salads, including a "classic"...

Crayfish Barclay Salad
crayfish barclays salad at belmond

A nod to Cap Juluca's former restaurant, Barclays, this salad features a sizable portion of pan-fried crayfish served in-shell. It is served atop a bed of lettuce, tomato and avocado, all finished with a raspberry dressing. If light and bright with a touch of sweet is to your liking, the crayfish salad more than delivers.

Rounding out Maunday's Club's starters are a selection of small seafood plates. Our favorite?...

Scallops & Shrimp Causa
scallops and shrimp causa at belmond

A classic Peruvian dish, Chef's is a light and deconstructed version of the classic Causa. Shrimp and scallops are served between potato and boiled egg. Chef brings fresh flavors to the dish by adding avocado, black olives and cherry tomatoes. The final, grand touch? Tobiko caviar. A winning, and most indulgent combination!

Moving on to entrees, Maunday's lunch menu features a variety of classic wraps (vegan wrap, lobster, chicken and pineapple) and sandwiches and tacos (mahi taco, club sandwich, steak sandwich and the "CJ" Burger). Chef has also added two special Peruvian dishes to his line up. First up?

Grilled Octopus
grilled octopus at belmond

A long octopus tentacle is grilled to absolute perfection. There is no building on the perfection of simply grilled octopus! Chef, however, finds a way by bringing in tropical flavors. The dish is rounded out by a pineapple salad, creamy corn and uchucuta sauce. Made of Andean green herb and chile, it adds just enough zest to the dish.

Lastly, and perhaps most impressively is Chef's...

Beef Anticucho
beef anticucho at belmond

This beef is oh-so-smokey and tender. As they do in Peru, Chef serves his Beef Anticucho on a skewer. It is served with Peruvian native potatoes and a panca chili sauce. Light and fresh in flavor, the sauce lightens this robust main.

Finally, Belmond knows how to please every sweet tooth. Maunday's Club's dessert menu includes cr猫me br没l茅e, "lemon delicious", fresh fruit and...

Coconut Custard
coconut custard at belmond

Coconut custard is topped with pistachio ice cream and garnished with dried meringue and a roasted pistachio crumble. A light way to end the day!

For chocolate lovers? Maunday's Club has us covered.

Chocolate Bar & Guanabana
chocolate bar and guanabana at belmond

A rich dark chocolate bar is layered with guanabana, also known as soursop. The combination of the rich dark chocolate and the sour of the soursop ignites every tastebud on your tongue. The scoop of chocolate ice cream is a welcomed treat on a warm day.

From scallops topped with caviar, to an array of classic Peruvian dishes with tropical twists, and decadent desserts, it is safe to say that Maunday's Club offers one of the most exciting lunch menus in Anguilla.

Chef does not end there. Come sunset hour? Chef creates the ultimate tapas experience at Belmond's Maunday's Club.

Peruvian Tapas

To best begin your evening, match your cocktail to your beach.

Nothin' Special Cocktails
Nothin' Special drinks at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Almost too pretty to drink, bartender Jessica whips up a mean Nothin' Special cocktail. Vodka and ginger beer is topped with hibiscus flower and Belmond Cap Juluca's iconic wooden parrot drink stirrers. Served in a tall detailed glass, it is far from nothin' special.

Crisp cocktail in-hand, prepare to dive into the world of fine Peruvian dining.

It all begins at the heart of Peruvian cuisine with the Mahi Mahi Ceviche.

Mahi Mahi Ceviche
Mahi mahi ceviche at Maundays club

The country's national dish, Chef Cesar adapts classic techniques to what is locally available in Anguilla. Prepared with buttery-soft, sumptuous slices of mahi mahi, the fish is tossed in lime juice and topped with slices of red onion and cilantro. Roasted corn nuts is tradition in classically prepared ceviche, and brings a welcomed crunch to the dish.

Next? You cannot mention Peruvian cuisine without mentioning "Nikkei."

Nikey Tuna Tartar
 Nikey Tuna Tar-Tar at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Japanese cuisine has taken Peru by storm. The combination has resulted in the hyper-popular culinary trend, Nikkei. Chef combines Japanese techniques with Peruvian ingredients in his Nikey Tuna Tartar dish. Cubes of fresh tuna are bathed in a sesame aioli and served atop crispy, thin bread. A winning combination, flawlessly executed.

Creativity shines in Chef's next dish, Crispy Shrimp.

Crispy Shrimp With Andean Cereals
Crispy Shrimp With Andean Cereals at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Sizable shrimps are dipped in a batter of quinoa and kiwicha, both sourced from the highlands of Peru. The crisp coating is the most interesting to have ever touched our palates. Multi-layered in texture, each bite is filled with curiosity. The grape and rocoto sauce provides a sweet yet spicy touch.

Another playful Peruvian dish is Chef's Beef Spring Rolls.

Beef Spring Rolls
Beef Spring Rolls at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

These rolls pay homage to the Lomo Saltado, a traditional stir-fry dish in Peru. Asian and South American flavors collide inside Chef's Lomo Saltado spring rolls. Hints of soy sauce and tomato come through with each bite of beef, wrapped tightly in a crunchy spring roll shell. Chef pairs these with a rocoto sauce and tomato salsa.

Finally, no tapas menu is complete without chicken wings!

Chicken Wings Nikey Style
Chicken Wings Nikey Style at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Jumbo chicken wings are lathered in a tangy Peruvian chili rocoto sauce. Be warned: Rocoto is a building heat and these wings have a generous coating! When your mouth reaches maximum temperatures, cool off with the dish's side of homemade guacamole and mango salsa. The dips are served with airy tortilla crisps.

Champagne Sunsets

If the homemade guacamole does not cut the rocoto? We highly recommend the tiramisu.

The Tiramisu
Tiramisu at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Pillowy and creamy, each bite is heavenly, coffee goodness! Topped with blueberries and blackberries, it pairs oh-so-well with an extra-special sunset tradition at Maunday's Club.

Sunset Sabrage
sunset sabrage Belmond Cap Juluca

Sunset hour is champagne hour at Maunday's Club. It is celebrated Belmond-style with Sabrage. Alexandre teaches you the ways of Sabrage with an antique sword and a chilled bottle of champagne. This may be the most memorable way to end a day in Anguilla.

Champagne Sunsets at Maunday's Club
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Night Time Tapas

At night, the warm lights set a wonderful romantic scene...

Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

First things first? Refreshing cocktails.

El Sancho & Soya Thymes
El Sancho & Soya Thymes at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

First up? El Sancho cocktail with gin, lime juice, simple syrup, berries and sparkling wine. And then there's the Soya Thymes. An award winning drink, this cocktail is made with rum, thyme syrup, Amaretto and pineapple juice

Onto the tapas...

Beef Sliders
Beef Sliders at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Each mini burger has a different topping: Cheese, fried egg and bacon. Inside the fluffy buns? A different Peruvian sauce, Huancaina, Rocoto and Ocopa. These sliders are great for sharing!

Next from the Tapas section of the menu, the Lobster Gyozas...

Lobster Gyozas at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

These tasty dumplings are prepared with sesame oil, ginger, peppers, Ponzu sauce and Rocoto. Five half moon Japanese dumplings are filled with shredded lobster.

Contender for our favorite tapas on the menu?

The Corn Panquitas!
Corn Panquitas at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Three soft corn cakes are made of grilled cream corn, Feta cheese and Huancaina sauce. We fell in love with this dish! Not only is it very pleasing to the eye but it is also packed with flavor. The cakes are topped with a savory salsa that pairs perfectly with the queso fresco-like sauce.

From the "Main" section of the menu you can find options of Grilled Lobster or Crayfish, Peruvian Pesto Spaghetti and Beef Stew...

Beef Stew at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Cooked for 14 hours, this beef is super tender and melts in your mouth! Served with Mangu, it is a traditional Dominican dish made of mashed boiled plantains. Garnished with Chalaquita salsa, the flavors in this dish are a match made in heaven.

On to the "To Share" options. Choices include octopus, Nikey hot wings, Nikey tuna tartar (scroll up to see more on those dishes!), shrimp and scallop causa or fried calamari...

Fried Calamari with Creole Dip
Fried Calamari with Creole Dip at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Always a great dish to share, Chef serves this fried calamari with a creole-cilantro dip and yuca fries.

Also from the "To Share" section, the Potatoes in Huancaina sauce.

El Sancho & Soya Thymes at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Boiled egg, olives and potatoes from Peru are served in a Huancaina sauce.

Finally, Belmond knows how to please every sweet tooth. Maunday's Club's dessert menu includes fresh fruit, "Chocolate Bar & Guanabana," cr猫me br没l茅e and "Lemon Delicious."

Purple Corn Pudding Cr猫me Br没l茅e
Purple Corn Pudding Cr猫me Br没l茅e at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Not your traditional crispy-top cr猫me br没l茅e, this pudding is made with a purple corn, oats crumble and fresh forest berries. The "Lemon Delicious" is topped with mint sorbet, pisco flavors and citrus segments.

Lemon Delicious at Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

From indulgent cocktails and eats, to a sumptuous setting and a most striking way to celebrate the day, Belmond's Maunday's Club is its most impressive incarnation yet. Cheers to champagne sunsets and magical nights at Maunday's Club at Belmond Cap Juluca!

Directions, Hours & Contact

Tel: 264-497-6666

Hours: Bar daily: 9am-11pm. Lunch daily: 11am-5pm. Dinner nightly: 6:30-9:30pm.

Directions: At Belmond Cap Juluca