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Cap Shack...
Barefoot Luxury at Belmond Cap Juluca


Maunday's Bay, you always take my breath away!

Welcome to Anguilla's pearl, its gem. Maunday's Bay is Anguilla's most darling beach. A perfect semi-circle of powdery sand, here the Caribbean Sea glimmers the clearest shade of blue.

Barefoot Luxury on Maunday's Bay
Cap Shack Beach Bar at Belmond Cap Juluca

The entire stretch of beach is home to Belmond Cap Juluca. With the resort's opening in late 2018, the upscale hotel planted its beach bar flag in the sand with its "beach lounge," Cap Shack.

Set on the western edge of the beach, Cap Shack is the only restaurant directly on Maunday's Bay beach. Private and peaceful, Cap Shack is your barefoot, toes-in-the-sand experience on Maunday's.

It is home to the hotel's iconic food truck...

The Cap Shack's Vintage Food Truck
cap shack vintage food truck

Extra-fresh beach eats are prepared right before your eyes in this stylish cream and pastel-blue vintage van. Your stomach rumbles as the aroma of grilled Mahi Mahi wafts through the air. Take a peak inside the open van to see the chefs whipping up vibrant eats. Tuna poke, gourmet burgers and even Banh Mi are on the menu!

Appetites whetted, it is time for a pre-lunch tradition...

Cool Cocktails At The Cap Shack

Across from the Vintage Food Truck, the Cap Shack is a shady reprieve after a beach walk on Maunday's. The charming, tiki-style hut serves up potent cocktails that beat the mid-day Caribbean heat.

The Cap Shack
Cap Shack Beach Bar at Belmond Cap Juluca

Inside, a gentle sea breeze blows through as you marvel at the rich hues of the Caribbean Sea and the mountains of St. Martin beyond.

The Cap Shack Bar
Cap Shack Beach Bar at Belmond Cap Juluca

Pull up a chair at the bar and ask Barbie to whip you up something special. Barbie's drinks are as sweet as her smile! Her Aperol Sunset is a favorite. Made with Tito's vodka and splashed with ginger beer, it is as refreshing as it looks.

Barbie's Aperol Sunset
Cap Shack Beach Bar aperol sunset

Another Barbie specialty? Her piña coladas can't be beat!

Barbie's Piña Colada
Cap Shack Beach Bar pina colada

Cocktail in-hand, it is to the sand.

Dining, Toes-In-The-Sand

Down on the beach, plush loungers and sweet egg-style dining chairs call your name.

Lunch, Toes-In-The-Sand
Cap Shack Beach Bar at Belmond Cap Juluca

Grab a seat with your cocktail of choice and peruse the Vintage Food Truck's fresh and beachy gourmet menu. It all begins with "light bites" of watermelon & heirloom tomato gazpacho, Jerk chicken wings, Caesar salad and a vibrant tuna poke bowl.

Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl
tuna poke at cap shack

Sushi rice is topped with chunks of tuna and layered with pickled ginger, avocado, tobiko, seaweed and a tangy sesame sriracha sauce.

Next up on the menu? It wouldn't be a true "beachy food truck" without sandwiches, tacos and beach burgers!

The Mahi Taco
mahi taco at cap shack

The taco options are impressive! "Dynamite" Queen Conch, made with real cracked conch (prepared daily), Crunchy Tofu with harissa aioli, Guava and Habanero Pulled Pork and our favorite, the Mahi Mahi. Fresh Mahi is cooked to perfection and gently placed in a flour tortilla. Its toppings include a citrusy slaw, pickled onion and a tangy garlic sauce with a hint of spice.

If you love Mahi, it is a tough toss up between the Mahi Taco and the Mahi Mahi Banh Mi.

Mahi Mahi Banh Mi
mahi taco at cap shack

Soft, flaky blackened mahi is popped on a grilled baguette. Soft and buttery, the bread melts in your mouth as it gives way to the sumptuous Mahi. The sandwich is complete with jucama-papaya slaw, jalapeno, ginger and a mint cilantro aioli. Each bite is an explosion of fresh flavors!

Finally, is there a better combination than beaches and burgers? :-)

The Cap Shack Burger
cap shack burger

This may be the most picture-perfect burger of all time! Made with Wagyu beef, this gourmet burger packs serious flavor. Chef prepares it meticulously, puncturing its middle to allow all of its seasonings to penetrate the meat. With onions, tomatoes, real cheddar cheese and a secret "Calypso remoulade," it is a serious contender for "island best."

From tacos, to sandwiches, to burgers, all of Cap Shack's gourmet dishes are executed at a high level. All ingredients are prepared fresh everyday and great pride and care goes into each dish's preparation. You can taste the passion.

The only thing left to do after lunch? Marvel at Maunday's Blue, snooze away the afternoon, let the sound of the waves see you through... and snap a selfie with the Vintage Food Truck!

One Wheeeeely Sweet Food Truck!
cap shack burger

One of Anguilla's "must visit" beaches, Cap Shack makes for an idyllic destination on Maunday's celestial shores. The ultimate blend of "barefoot luxury," it is a most special spot on this gem of all beaches.

Directions, Hours & Contact

Tel: 264-497-6666

Hours: Open from 11:00am until 5:00pm.

Directions: On Maunday's Bay at Belmond Cap Juluca

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