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Cafe Celeste...
Malliouhana's Restaurant is BACK!

For decades, Malliouhana's restaurant set the pace for high-end cuisine in the Caribbean. The restaurant opened in 1984 under the two-starred Michelin chef, Michel Rostang. Chef Rostang brought an unprecedented level of French-Caribbean fusion to the region. If you wanted the best, you came to Malliouhana.

Today, that superior standard of cuisine has returned to Anguilla's Grand Dame.

Malliouhana's Fine Dining Restaurant
cafe celeste at malliouhana

"Cafe Celeste," Malliouhana's signature restaurant sits high on its elegant perch, gazing out to Meads Bay. Its white and blue nautical color scheme remains, as it did when it was "The Restaurant at Malliouhana".

Cafe Celeste
cafe celeste at malliouhana

Meads Bay's waves lap gently below as its lights twinkle beyond. A most romantic dining scene is set. For the full Malliouhana experience, book a table for 6pm. You won't want to miss this magical sunset...

Meads Bay Sunset Views
chef jusman so cafe celeste malliouhana

Meet Chef Jusman So

Chef Jusman So boasts an impressive resume. Prior to arriving in Anguilla, Chef Jusman took Southeast Asia by storm. Named "Best Rising Chef" in Singapore and having established one of the country's most popular restaurants, Sage, Chef Jusman is a famous name in the region.

Meet Chef Jusman So
chef jusman so cafe celeste malliouhana

His specialty? Reinventing classic French dishes.

Working hand in hand with Jusman is Chef Patricio Massimino. Chef Patricio is Cafe Celeste's Executive Sous Chef. Born in Argentina, Chef Patricio honed his skills in Madrid and France where he worked for many-a-Michelin starred restaurant.

Meet Chef Patricio
Chef patrico with louise at malliouhana

Through his different posts, Chef has perfected his style: a modern take on Mediterranean cuisine with French touches. He joins the Malliouhana team from Turks & Caicos and Barbados.

Almost fateful, Chef Jusman, Chef Patricio and Malliouhana are simply "meant to be."

Dinner at Cafe Celeste

Dinner begins with Cafe Celeste's warm, accommodating and professional staff. Ramon, the restaurant manager is always on the floor making sure everyone is taken care of.

Terrace Seating at Cafe Celeste
cafe celeste at malliouhana

As we arrived, he kindly escorted us to our table on the terrace with a full view of Meads Bay and its stunning sunset.

sunset at cafe celeste at malliouhana

Malliouhana Sunset Cocktails
Cocktails at malliouhana

To best settle in for a night of Chef's exquisite French cuisine? Begin with one of Malliouhana's signature cocktails.

Scotch & Spice is a delight for those who prefer a drink with a bite.

By contrast, the Malli Sunset is a cool kiss on a warm day.

A combination of vodka and prosecco, it is topped with Thai basil grown in Malliouhana's herb garden.

Another cocktail fresh from the garden is the Garden Gin & Tonic. A refreshing twist to the classic gin and tonic, Malliouhana infuses theirs with grapefruit and garnishes it with a stalk of rosemary.

Ramon is happy to make recommendations, too. Two of his favorite cocktails are...

The 1984 & B.W.I
1984 and BWI cocktails cafe celeste

The 1984 is a coconut lover's dream. Made with coconut milk, it is even finished with fresh coconut shavings. The BWI perfectly captures the taste of the Caribbean with passionfruit infused rum and demerara syrup from Guyana.

As you sip, fresh-baked French bread and a mortar and pestle are set before you. Fragrant, tangy pesto sits inside, begging to be ground and slathered over crisp baguette. An innovative twist on "the bread basket," and a promising peek at the meal ahead.

French Bread & Pesto
bread and pesto at cafe celeste

Cafe Celeste's menu is tight. Inspired and thoroughly thought-through, Chef focuses on conceptualizing and executing sophisticated dishes to perfection.

Appetizers include a variety of soups, salads and shared plates. Soup au Pistou, Eggplant Caponata, Artichoke Barigoule and Baked Brie Tart are a few of the dishes that make up Chef's starters.

The Baked Brie Tart is highly recommended.

Baked Brie Tart
charcuterie board cafe celeste malliouhana

Pastry is topped with confit onion, anchovies, olives, candied orange and melted brie. Almost a marmalade, the savory-sweet confit dissolves in your mouth. Carefully cooked over low heat for several hours, Chef's confit onion shines.

Next from the starters...

Smoked Wahoo Pâté
Smoked Wahoo Pâté  cafe celeste malliouhana

Wahoo is smoked and turned into a savory pâté. It is served with a handful of crispy plantain chips and a cooling bowl of pineapple salsa. Its flavors compliment each other well. Overall, the dish makes for an excellent "to-share" appetizer.

Another highly recommended dish is the Local Tomato Gazpacho from their "Soups" section.

Tomato Gazpacho with Seared Tuna
Gazpacho cafe celeste malliouhana

Your bowl arrives with diced cucumber and tomato. On top? A thin, crisp slice of toasted bread. Three cubes of seared tuna elegantly sit around delicious olive tapenade and cherry tomato chunks. The waitress then pours the cool and refreshing tomato gazpacho into the bowl. A light starter for the evening, it leaves you both satisfied yet still with room for dinner to come.

The menu also offers a small salad selection. The Mango & Foie Gras is irresistible.

Mango & Foie Gras Salad
Mango & Foie Gras Salad at cafe celeste malliouhana

A heap of foie gras rests on a bed of arugula, tossed in a tasty pistachio vinaigrette. Chunks of fresh mango and flavor-packed brioche croutons are laced throughout the salad. The sweet mango and vinaigrette weighs out the sharpness of the arugula. The dish's flavors are perfectly balanced.

On to the "Risotto." First up? The Preserved Fennel & Lemon Risotto.

Preserved Fennel & Lemon Risotto

Fennel and lemon are a winning combination, while the slices of asparagus and fava beans bring varied texture to the savory dish. All light flavors, they offset hearty risotto seamlessly.

Another highly recommended dish and a personal favorite...

Local Crayfish Risotto

The first bite of this dish blows your mind! Perfectly cooked pieces of local crayfish sit atop a citrus, fennel and basil infused risotto. A one of a kind dish, it is a must try when dining in Anguilla.

Next are a selection of entrées defined by their sauces. Dishes include Branzino with glazed salsify and beurre blanc, a Beef Tenderloin with brandy and green peppercorn sauce and Seared Scallops with romesco sauce and salt cod brandade.

The minute my Dad saw "salt cod brandade" on the menu, his heart was sold.

Seared Scallops with Citrus Endive Salad

Meaty scallops are seared with citrus and placed on a bed of salt cod brandade. The dish is topped with an endive salad and a rich romesco sauce. Lightly spiced and deeply creamy, Chef's sauces are impeccable and perfectly paired to their main.

From the "Poultry & Meats," and tied for "best" with the Crayfish Risotto is...

16 Hour Short Ribs
16 hour short ribs at cafe celeste malliouhana

Another mind blowing and cannot-miss dish! These short ribs are heavenly. Cooked for 16 hours, the ribs are as tender as can be. With the touch of a fork the meat effortlessly falls apart. The stack of boneless ribs rest on mashed eddoes, a tropical oriental vegetable. To tie the dish together? Baby carrots and the tamarind jus.

Lastly from the "Grilled" section of the menu...

octopus at cafe celeste malliouhana

Whole grilled octopus tentacles are mixed with confit piquillo peppers and drizzled with a tomato-based sauce. The octopus meat is tender, with just enough chew. When eaten with the sweet peppers? The combination of flavors takes your taste-buds on a wild ride.

Another favorite from the "Grilled" menu?

Citrus Rosemary Lamb Chops

Lamb chops are cooked to your preference and bathed in a sauce of lamb demi glaze with essence of cherry tomato and a touch of butter. Ricotta gnocchi deepens the richness of the dish. The robust textures and flavors are contrasted by welcomed bursts of fresh cherry tomato and hints of basil. Brilliantly conceived and executed, this dish goes down as one of my personal top three favorites of all time. Never have I ever eaten with such gusto!

Last but not least, the star of the show...

Grilled Striploin with Asparagus & Potato Gratin
Grilled Striploin with Asparagus & Potato Gratin at cafe celeste malliouhana

A huge 10oz slab of USDA Black Angus Beef is grilled to your liking. The cherry on top? A beautiful serving of creamy green peppercorn jus. Even better? A serving of chimichurri sauce, too! On the side rests a dish of baked potato gratin and savory asparagus stalks. If you are seeking a solid steak, this is it.

Tip: Ask for more bread. You will need it to soak up every last ounce of Chef's sauces.

Sweet Endings at Cafe Celeste...

Finally, dinner at Malliouhana is not complete without a sweet treat and a digestif.

Warm Valrhona Chocolate Tart

Desserts include Goat Cheese Crème Brûlée, Rhubarb Semifreddo, Saffron Poached Pear...

Saffron Poached Pear

A whole pear is poached in saffron spice and placed on a dollop of gorgonzola mousse. The Italian blue cheese is airy and smooth, giving the dessert a strong and powerful taste. On the side is a scoop of verjus sorbet, adding a tangy yet refreshing bite to the dish. The sweet pear and candied walnuts even out the strong flavors of the mousse and sorbet.

Desserts don't end there. More sweet options include the Warm Valrhona Chocolate Tart, and last but not least, a nod to Michel Rostang's Malliouhana...

The Rum Baba

Chef Jusman fills his bouncy bundt-like cakes with pistachio ice cream, finished with crystalized orange and a shot of white rum at your table. A classic dessert, the Rum Baba makes for a fitting end to a meal at Malliouhana.

Malliouhana's restaurant has always been a stylish and sumptuous setting. Chef Jusman is the missing piece. He is the key ingredient. The magic touch. He surpasses expectations at every turn. In his hands, it is safe to say the original Malliouhana is back!

Hours: Open daily: Breakfast, dinner.

Tel: 497-6111