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Malliouhana's Restaurant is BACK!


For decades, Malliouhana's restaurant set the pace for high-end cuisine in the Caribbean. The restaurant opened in 1984 under the two-starred Michelin chef, Michel Rostang. Chef Rostang brought an unprecedented level of French-Caribbean fusion to the region. If you wanted the best, you came to Malliouhana.

Today, that superior standard of cuisine has returned to Anguilla's Grand Dame.

Malliouhana's Fine Dining Restaurant
 celeste at malliouhana

"Celeste," Malliouhana's signature restaurant sits high on its elegant perch, gazing out to Meads Bay. Its white and blue nautical color scheme remains, as it did when it was "The Restaurant at Malliouhana".

 celeste at malliouhana

Meads Bay's waves lap gently below as its lights twinkle beyond. A most romantic dining scene is set. For the full Malliouhana experience, book a table for 6pm. You won't want to miss this magical sunset...

Meads Bay Sunset Views
chef jusman so  celeste malliouhana

Dinner at Celeste

Dinner begins with Celeste's warm, accommodating and professional staff. They always make sure everyone is well taken care of.

Terrace Seating at Celeste
 celeste at malliouhana

As you arrive, you are kindly escorted to your table on the terrace with a full view of Meads Bay and its stunning sunset.

sunset at  celeste at malliouhana

Malliouhana Sunset Cocktails
Cocktails at malliouhana

To best settle in for a night of exquisite cuisine?

Begin with one of Malliouhana's signature cocktails.

The 1984 is a coconut lover's dream. Made with coconut milk, it is even finished with fresh coconut shavings.

The Malli Sunset, on the other hand, is a cool kiss on a warm day. A combination of vodka and prosecco, it is topped with Thai basil grown in Malliouhana's herb garden.

As you sip, warm house-made rolls and focaccia bread is placed before you.

Celeste's menu is tight. Inspired and thoroughly thought-through, Malliouhana's team focuses on conceptualizing and executing sophisticated dishes to perfection.

Appetizers include seared scallops with corn puree and sumac, tempura padron, ceviche of the day and a variety of salads. When it comes to starters, the saltfish and mini Johnny cakes are highly recommended.

Salt Fish & Johnny Cakes
saltfish celeste malliouhana

A traditional saltfish dish, it is PACKED with flavor! Saltfish mixed with tomato ragu, confit peppers and thyme, is served with crispy mini Johnny cakes.

Next from the starters...

Blackened Shrimps
Shrimps celeste

Three big, tasty shrimps are blackened to perfection and served over a mix of green mango, pink grapefruit and cilantro, and topped with lime dressing.

We also can't get enough of the...

Lemon Hummus
lemon hummus at celeste

A generous portion of hummus is flavored with lemon and served with perfectly toasted flatbread.

Another highly recommended dish, available from time to time as a special...

Crab Cakes
crab cakes  celeste malliouhana

Two picture-perfect sumptuous crab cakes are rich with flavorful crab meat. Set in a lemony tartar sauce and garnished with tomatoes, each bite is refreshing delight. If this special appetizer is available during your dinner at Celeste, don't miss it!

Next are a selection of exceptional entrées.

Mahi Mahi
mahi mahi malliouhana

Your choice of pan seared or blackened, extra-fresh Mahi Mahi is bathed in a heavenly beurre blanc sauce with a hint of lemon. The soft, flakey fish is served with savory cauliflower puree and topped with a fennel salad. It is the delectable cherry on top.

Prefer snapper to mahi mahi? You're in luck. Malliouhana's dinner menus features whole snapper and...

Snapper Fillet
snapper malliouhana

The snapper fillet is cooked and prepared skin on. Crispy on the outside, soft and flakey on the inside, this fish is heavenly. It is served with a slightly spiced salsa, and atop a bed of coconut rice and peas.

Another seafood option...

Seafood Linguine
linguine at  celeste malliouhana

Generous pieces of fish, shrimp and lobster are tossed with chili, olive oil, garlic, spinach and parsley to make a most refreshing seafood linguine.

As for meat dishes?...

Braised Short Ribs
braised short ribs at  celeste malliouhana

The braised short ribs is mind blowing! It's a cannot-miss dish! Slow-cooked for hours, the ribs are as tender as can be. With the touch of a fork the meat effortlessly falls apart. The stack of boneless ribs rest on a potato puree. To tie the dish together? Gremolata and a red wine jus.

Sweet Endings at Celeste...

Finally, dinner at Malliouhana is not complete without a sweet treat and a digestif. With a plethora of extraordinary sweet treats on the menu, choosing "just one" is no easy task.

Affogato & Warm Valrhona Chocolate Tart

For something cool and light, the Affogato is a "must." Each scoop tastes like a bite of Italy. If you have more space, the Warm Valrhona Chocolate Tart has forever been a favorite. Served with peanut brittle, a scoop of caramel ice cream and pour-over chocolate sauce, it is sure to impress all chocolate lovers!

Malliouhana's restaurant has always been a stylish and sumptuous setting. The property's new culinary team is the missing piece. The key ingredient. The magic touch. They surpass expectations at every turn.

It is safe to say, the original Malliouhana is back!

Brunch at Celeste

When the sun rises, Celeste delights all over again. Mornings here just may be the most scenic way to start your day in Anguilla.

The restaurant's three-level dining area offers stunning views of Meads Bay. Feast out on the terrace right by the sea, or sip your coffee inside, gazing out to infinite Meads Bay blue below.

Morning Inside Celeste
 celeste seating area

Celeste offers a buffet style breakfast with a wide selection of fruit, cereals and fluffy pastries. But, we recommend ordering à la carte. This is where brunch becomes one of kind.

The Most Important Meal of The Day
breakfast selections

Our favorites? From "The Classics" section of the menu, the "Farm Eggs"...

Farm Eggs
farm eggs plate

Your choice of sausage or bacon is sided with breakfast potatoes, roasted tomatoes, white or wheat toast and two sunny side up eggs. Everything is cooked to absolute perfection!

Next, from the "Island Breakfast" section, the "Johnny Cake Sandwich" is a "must have"...

Johnny Cake Sandwich
Johnny Cake Sandwich

Scrambled eggs, breakfast ham, melted cheese, avocado, wilted spinach and roasted tomatoes are sandwiched in a fluffy fried Johnny cake.

So Much Cheese!
Johnny Cake Sandwich

Served with a side of sweet potato fries and tangy ketchup, this sandwich is a work of art!

Next, from the "Batter & Oats" section, the French Toast...

the French Toast

A generous scoop of coconut ice-cream is placed a-top a slice of thick and fluffy French Toast. To top it off? Cubes of mango, nuts and a delicious syrup.

Rounding out breakfast options is a smoked salmon bagel with fluffy cream cheese, fresh horseradish, dill remoulade and capers..

Smoked Salmon? Yes, Please!
salmon bagel

The Crab and Avacado toast is a fresh take on a classic...

Zesty Crab with Citrus Mustard
crab and avocado

Fresh crab is whipped up into a zesty spread with citrus and spicy mustard. It is served on country bread with arugula.

Finally, classic poached eggs on smashed avocado and toast...

Smashed Avocado Toast
Smashed avocado toast

Celeste's breakfast menu also offers classic coffees and teas, a variety of freshly squeezed juices and craft cocktails like the "Bloody Mali", a mix of citrus infused rum and housemade Bloody Mary in a Caribbean spice rimmed glass.

Malliouhana proves the rule: breakfast is the most important meal of the day :-)

Hours: Open daily: Breakfast, dinner.

Directions: At Malliouhana resort.

Tel: 497-6111

Menu: Click here