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Do you have your Tranquilitee? 👕💗🌴


Ocean Echo...
Beach Life Is Better Here!

There's a saying in Anguilla... "beach life is better here," and it's true!

No where is that saying perhaps more true than at beachfront restaurant, Ocean Echo.

Welcome to Ocean Echo
ocean echo anguilla

There are so many reasons to love Ocean Echo. And they all start and stop with the owner, Dillon.

With Dillon
dillon ocean echo

One of the kindest guys you will meet, Dillon is an excellent host. Warm, fun and armed with a killer smile, when you're with Dillon, you're with family. He and his family opened up Ocean Echo a few years back. After working at Viceroy (now Four Seasons) for many years, Dillon decided it was time to strike out on his own. He was on a mission to make his dream - of turning his family's land into a beachfront restaurant - a reality.

After years of dedication and hard work, it's safe to say today that Ocean Echo is one of the best in Anguilla's beachfront dining scene. It is a "must do" if you love Anguilla blue and days at the beach.

The Rumzie

When I say Ocean Echo starts and stops with Dillon, one of the key reasons is this...

THE Rumzie
rumzie ocean echo

ocean echo rumzie cocktail

Anguilla's quintessential cocktail, Dillon's version of Anguilla's rum punch (called the Rumzie) is the best our family has had yet.

Equal parts rum and fruity-sweet, it packs a serious punch...

... one that you may only realize a couple of cocktails in.

WORD OF WARNING: They sneak up on you!

"Is that mango?" "Is that orange?" I've asked Dillon over and over, in the most sly of ways.

He never gives up his secret recipe.

And for good reason!

They are dangerously good.

Rumzie in-hand, it's out to the blue view...

Majestic Meads Bay

Worldwide, few beaches compare to the pure azure of Meads Bay...

Meads Bay Blue
meads bay ocean echo

This is the endless blue view that awaits you in front of Ocean Echo.

Meads Bay is one of the most unique beaches in the Caribbean. Unmarked by reef, it is all sandy bottom and blue for as far as the eye can see. The sea shimmers in a million shades of light turquoise, the light bouncing and reflecting off of each still ripple on the ocean.

When Meads Bay "wakes up" (in the winter months), you are treated to an awesome view of the bay's powerful waves.

The View To The West
meads bay ocean echo

Straight Ahead
anguilla  ocean echo

This beach can go from being as still as a pond, to having 9' surfable waves. When that North swell comes in, Ocean Echo has front row seats to the best wave action on the island, and the occasional surfer or two riding them. It is truly one of the island's biggest, most impressive beaches.

Complete with Ocean Echo's signature blue lounge chairs & umbrellas, it is the perfect spot to laze the day away.

What's For Lunch?

Back inside Ocean Echo (or out at your beach chair - whichever you prefer), Ocean Echo serves up a host of tasty beach eats.

The lunch menu features everything from classic staples like hot dogs, burgers and caesar salads, to specialties such as "Ocean Echo chowder served with garlic bread", a honey roasted chicken breast sandwich and "Rasta Pasta".

We always start with a plate of crisp calamari...

ocean echo calamari

... before moving onto the mains.

The perfect beach food for me? The Ocean Echo Club House Sandwich. Simple and true to its name, layers of bacon, cheese and turkey are all stacked on toasted, fresh bread.

Club Sandwich
ocean echo club sandwich

club house ocean echo

My sister, Yuki is in love with Ocean Echo's Rasta Pasta...

Rasta Pasta
ocean echo rasta pasta

rasta pasta anguilla ocean echo

Prepared with your choice of olive oil or cream, the dish is loaded with fresh veggies. Each bite is fresh veggie delight!

As for my Dad? Ocean Echo's pizza is reliably one of Anguilla's best...

Jerk Chicken Pizza
ocean echo jerk chicken pizza

If you love heat, like my Dad, go with the jerk chicken pizza.

For lighter options, Ocean Echo has salads and wraps. The most eye-catching salad being their lobster salad, served in a beautiful conch shell...

Lobster Salad
ocean echo lobster salad

The chicken wrap on a spinach wrap is another popular choice...

The Chicken Wrap
chicken wrap ocean echo

With a laidback and calm vibe, you hear the "Ocean's Echo" as you dine. Totally at ease, it is the setting for beach lovers and one of my #1 choices when relaxation is on my mind.

For more of a lively scene, drop in to Ocean Echo on Sunday afternoons when Omalie 360 rocks the house...

Whatever the day and whatever your mood, Ocean Echo is always excellent value!

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: Ocean Echo is one of the first establishments as you turn onto the road that runs behind Meads Bay.

Ocean Echo

Good for lunch with a beachside location.

Hours: Daily for lunch and dinner.

Tel: 264-582-0269