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Dale Carty's Tasty's Restaurant...
A Loyally Frequented Anguilla Institution


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You can't say "Tasty's" without saying "Chef Dale." Chef Dale Carty is one of Anguilla's most famous and well respected chefs. His loyally loved restaurant, Tasty's is an institution on-island.

Dale was born and raised in Anguilla. At a young age his natural skills were sharpened as he worked under the Master French Chefs Michel and Jo Rostang, and expanded his culinary studies in France.

Chef Dale Carty
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You would never know how sought after Dale is if you have a conversation with him. He is a celebrity chef but he is friendly, humble, and grateful. He loves what he does and his food reflects his passion. His smile will brighten your day, too.

Let's Step Inside Tasty's

You can find Chef Dale at his loyally-loved, open-air restaurant overlooking Sandy Ground.

Welcome to Tasty's POV
tastys pov

This spot is aptly named. Its view is iconic.

Tasty's POV gazes out to Sandy Ground's famous stunning sunsets by early evening time and the sparkling lights of the harbor come night fall.

tastys pov

Whether for a sunset drink, dinner or after-dinner drinks, there's no better way to begin your POV experience than with a classic POV cocktail!

Cool Cocktails
pov cocktails at tastys

Chef Dale and his mixologists serve up a variety of exquisite drinks. Some of our favorites include the Anguilla Collins and the Coco Loco Tropical. The former is a must for lovers of gin.

A cocktail that brings the heat? Don't miss the Pond Dipper for a continuous fresh kick! Spicy jalapeño is perfectly offset by watermelon, lime juice and tequila.

We have to hand it to Chef Dale and his team. These cocktails are something out of a tropical dream.

Where The Magic Happens!
pov cocktails at tastys

When your stomach begins to rumble? Chef Dale brings the goods!

Let's Eat!

Chef Dale's menu is diverse and uses the finest fresh and local ingredients and flavors.

When it comes to starters, you can't go wrong with a Chef Dale salad, like the goat cheese or...

Chef Dale's Famous Seafood Salad
seafood salad from lunch from tastys

This salad is my favorite salad ever. If you are a lover of seafood and want to sample all of the local seafood in one swoop, you must have this salad! This salad has fresh greens topped with a nice assortment of varying fresh seafood (crayfish, conch, shrimp, etc) and vegetables tossed in a vinaigrette.

Chef Dale's soups are also excellent. We always opt for the lobster bisque. Chef makes one to die for!...

Fresh & Local Lobster Bisque
Lobster bisque at Tastys

Take your time and savor every ounce of the luscious, smoothly pureed soup until it is all gone.

Another seafood starter...

Tuna Tartare
Lobster bisque at Tastys

Fresh chunks of tuna are packed with flavor and served with a seaweed salad and a fresh mixed salad.

Moving on to Chef's main dishes, the Coconut Crusted fish is a staple.

I swear by this dish. It is cooked perfectly and served with a banana rum sauce and sauteed vegetables. It also comes with a separate plate of rice n' peas (Anguilla's local pigeon peas).

Coconut Crusted Fish in a Spicy Banana Rum Sauce
Anguilla restaurants, Tasty's Anguilla restaurant, Chef Dale Carty, dinner in Anguilla, lunch in Anguilla, breakfast in Anguilla

This is heavenly and always solicits some "oohs" and "ahhs".

Speaking of seafood, you can't go wrong with any of the local seafood dishes! All of Chef's seafood dishes are winners, especially if you love eating fish fresh from the seas of Anguilla.

Fresh Whole Snapper
Anguilla restaurants, Tasty's Anguilla restaurant, Chef Dale Carty, dinner in Anguilla, lunch in Anguilla, breakfast in Anguilla

The fresh whole snapper is a signature dish. Cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and finished with lemon and a special herb sauce, Dale grew up cooking this very dish and has it down to a science.

When it comes to "turf," Tasty's also offers slow cooked oxtail, pork chops, herbed chicken breast and coconut chicken curry...

Chicken Curry
curry chicken at Tastys

Chicken and vegetables are served in a coconut curry sauce with a side of rice. This is one of my favorites. It is so rich, yet it never leaves you feeling heavy.

If you are in the mood for pasta there is variety here as well. You can opt for vegetable, seafood, or chicken pastas with their respective, well-crafted sauces. A favorite is the Seafood Pasta with chunks of crayfish, shrimp and local fish.

Seafood Pasta
Anguilla restaurants, Tasty's Anguilla restaurant, Chef Dale Carty, seafood pasta dinner in Anguilla, lunch in Anguilla, breakfast in Anguilla

The menu also features plenty of BBQ options.

BBQ at Tasty's
meat plate tastys

BBQ chicken, smoked brisket and BBQ ribs are served with rice & peas, Caesar salad and Chef's famous Johnny cakes.

To satisfy your sweet cravings, Tasty's serves up a tasty coconut tart and ice-cream!

Always save room for dessert :-)
coconut tart and ice-cream

Final Thoughts on Tasty's

After dinner, dance the night away gazing out to Sandy Ground. Tasty's POV regularly features special evenings of live music and menu specials.

See You at Tasty's POV!
nightlife at pov

Whether it is your first time in Anguilla or you are a regular to the enchanted isle... Tasty's reamins a must-do while you are in Anguilla.

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: If you are coming from the east, stay left at the Sandy Ground round-about. Tasty's will be on your right just a short distance after the round-about. If you are coming from the west, continue past the stop light that goes down to Blowing Point. Continue for a couple of minutes on that main road, you will see Tasty's on your right.

Hours: Open for breakfast and lunch daily - closed Wednesdays. Open every night for dinner.

Tel: 264-584-2737

Tasty's Menu: Click here