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Falcon Nest...
A Laid-back Beach Bar in the Heart of Island Harbour

By: Kirmani Honoré

Ahhh, Anguilla beach bars... I can't think of a better style of dining! Laid-back, unpretentious, sand under foot, tasty seafood eats on the grill... what's not to love?

Located in Island Harbour, Falcon Nest ticks all of the key "beach bar boxes," offering sun, sand and excellent seafood.

Welcome to Falcon Nest Bar & Grill...

the front of falcon nest restaurant

The Setting

The wooden beach bar is located just a few feet away from the Island Harbour wharf, overlooking that clear turquoise sea.

Lunch benches dot the beach close to the shore, inches away from the sparkly blue water. They're covered by a wooden top that provides more than enough shade even on those extra sunny days.

Island Harbour's Scenic Setting
Outside sitting area at falcon nest

A few feet up from the sand is the actual beach-shack. Short steps lead you up into the open patio area and the bar. A mounted speaker lightly fills the air with various styles of Caribbean music, guaranteed to have you tapping your feet or bobbing your head, or just straight up swaying in the middle of the patio.

Palm Trees Sway On Both Sides
Falcon Nest's patio

Stubbed bar stools line the bar and railings around the patio. The railings are wide enough to use as counters, a more creative dining experience. They're also a favorite for those who want to dine completely shaded and off the sand.

If you're lucky enough to come just after the lunch rush hour like we did, you have Ren, the host, all to yourself.

The Host

Your host Lauren, or Ren as she's usually called, is your waitress, bartender and best friend at Falcon Nest.

Meet Ren
Lauren host at Falcon Nest

She's the only one who works out front and she handles the restaurant well with warm, positive energy and big smiles.

The Food

We sat down and chatted it up with Ren as we read through the menu over a few drinks.

Sweet and soothing rum punch...
falcon nest rum punch

Falcon Nest's menu offers a good selection of seafood.

Calamari, fish, shrimp and lobster can be ordered as meals served with two choices of rice and peas, fries, cole slaw, salad, steamed veggies and polenta.

The steamed snapper is especially delicious, served in a sauce of pure goodness. It is perfectly seasoned with thyme and peppers!

Steamed Fish
falcon nest fish

Apart from seafood, Falcon Nest also serves burgers, BBQ wings and a number of pastas.

Tasty Burger
falcon nest burger

The burgers are juicy and mouthwatering, stacked with fresh lettuce and tomato.

falcon nest burger

Another favorite from Falcon Nest...

Fish Burger With Rice & Fries
falcon nest fish burger

Soft and juicy fish between two soft, grilled buns! Topped with a secret sauce, this burger is irresistible and always delicious.

Food Tip: Try the fish burger with the Falcon Nest Sauce! It is a rich and flavorful homemade sauce. It's delightful with the burgers and steak fries.

the side of falcon nest

After lunch, we always leave Falcon Nest with giant, satisfied smiles on our faces, noticeably more upbeat than when we had walked in. Good food does that to you. ;-)

Falcon Nest is among the top-ranked beach-shacks, a staple when it comes to Anguilla dining. The extra-sweet cherry on top? Falcon Nest doesn't break the budget.

For so many reasons, Falcon Nest keeps calling us back and back!

panoramic view of island harbour

Map, Hours & Contact

Direction: Right on the beach in Island Harbour just next to the wharf. Can't be missed.

Hours: 12pm until 9pm. Closed Thursday and Sunday.

Menu: Click here

Tel.: 264-497-1127 / 235-1995