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"Elvis' Beach Bar"

Elvis & Leslie Celebrating Birthdays!

Elvis & Leslie Celebrating Birthdays!

Hi there,

This is Leslie... I, too, am making the final treks to the island. I finally have all my essentials in the apartment. Just back here in Vegas to finish up the rest of my things and tidy up work ends.

I am surprised you have never mentioned Elvis' Beach Bar. It is such a fun local hangout. The food is cheap and delicious!!! Elvis (a local lifelong Anguillian) is one of the most charming men I have met.

He makes each and every guest feel so special. Check out the New York Times Travel & Lesiure section Nov 9, 2008 where Elvis' Beach Bar was named the second best reason to go to the Caribbean (second only to the not yet opened luxury Viceroy).

Elvis hosts local bands and DJs nightly, makes for an incredible reggae island sunset experience. Try it, you won't be sorry.

Hope to run into you soon. I should be back on island by June 1 permanently.

Enjoy your site always,
Leslie Bunch

Nori's Reply: Leslie, thank you so much for writing about Elvis' Beach Bar. I have been countless times after sundown since I moved to Anguilla in December, but have yet to write a story on the terrific spot! It is my favorite bar on Anguilla, but I haven't sampled any menu items yet. What would you recommend?

Best of luck getting everything in order and enjoying island life. I'm sure I'll run into you on Sandy Ground one of these nights (I've saved your number!).

Thank you again for the great story and the cute photo. :-)

Comments for "Elvis' Beach Bar"

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Coolest Beach bar
by: Anonymous

Caribbean Travel & Life says it best on the cover of thier June/July issue. "Coolest Beach Bar"

great food at Elvis's too
by: Anonymous

try the jerk chicken pocket. Better than words.

for Canadian friend
by: Anonymous

Sorry to use this forum---but I have been told that a friend from Canada is trying to locate me and uses this website-----please feel free to call me anytime---702-453-3101 702--279-0717


by: Leslie Bunch

Hi everyone again,

It was great to read all your positive comments about Elvis and the bar. As some of you may already know, Elvis and the bar hold a very special place for me. If you have any questions and/or comments, please feel free to email or call me anytime---DdysPrncss@aol.com Stuffbunch@aol.com 702-279-0717.

Almost in Anguilla FOREVER!!
Leslie Bunch

Elvis' Beach Bar - YES!!
by: Danika Dahl

Leslie - Good work on getting Elvis' name (and photo) on Nori's site.

I have been following Nori's site for nearly two years now, and I've always wondered why Elvis' wasn't on here.

I kept telling myself that I was going to do a write-up but have never gotten around to it.

But just this morning!!!! I woke up with it on my mind and I thought to self...someone has GOT to do a write up on Elvis' Beach Bar!

I checked my RSS feed and wa-lah...

There was your write-up! Thank you so much for doing this well-deserved write-up.

Elvis' Beach Bar truly has one-of-a-kind character that one must experience!

They have their own blog online:


There is a great video and lots o' photos there too if anyone is interested.

Sharin' the love!

we got the answer last night
by: Steve and Nan

Having a drink at Ripples last night, we asked the owner, Jackie about the mysterious Elvis. She told us that the local Elvis had a partner named Brett who fit our description perfectly. And there you have it, Elvis, the entertainer and host along with Brett, the business manager and decision maker.

Mystery solved.

Elvis' Beach Bar
by: Steve and Nan

We are long time visitors of the Island and last winter (Feb 2008) we were introduced to Elvis. A long haired sea weathered white guy who told us his Island history and how he ended up in Anguilla and opened this bar.

This year, at another visit, a local Anguillian gentleman named Elvis introduced himself to our group as we were waiting for the music to start.

You can imagine our surprise.

Will the real Elvis please stand up.

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