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Anguilla News - Tropical Ice Cream Treats

by Stephen Ryals
(Valdosta, Ga., USA)

Anguilla News: An Anguillian company, Tropical Treats, has started making Anguilla ice cream in assorted flavors. Soursop is my favorite at this moment, but then I haven't tried the rum raisin...

They are located in Stoney Ground.

Nice to see island entrepreneurial spirit alive and well during these less than friendly economic times.

Nori's Reply: Thank you for this Anguilla news article!

Tropical Treats is an exciting new venture, and like you said - a great effort especially considering the economic situation.

Tropical Treat's location in Stoney Ground is less of an ice cream parlor and more of a distribution center. They will be selling their ice cream to resorts, restaurants, and local supermarkets.

Currently, Tropical Treats can be purchased at Best Buy supermarket in the East end near Long Pond.

Be sure to look out for Tropical Treats on the road, too. Tropical Treats sells ice cream and sorbet from their colorful ice cream truck. It is often located in The Valley, but makes its rounds through more populated areas of the island (The Farrington, Stoney Ground, etc.).

The business is owned and operated by Kyle Hodge, who is not only passionate about tropical ice cream flavors, but passionate about Anguilla too and helping the island.

Kyle Hodge and Tropical Treats take part in and initiate many good causes on the island. For example, the organization makes a sizable donation, supporting the Anguilla Debating Team each year.

Their flavors sounds exciting! Tamarind ice cream? I'm excited to taste these tropical treats!

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