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Peruvian Cuisine & Champagne Sunsets


Uchu's setting has forever been a favorite for its elegance and its blue views.

anguilla card emblem

As the sun illuminates the beach's powdery-fine sands, Maunday's Bay's blue water sparkles in the distance.

Delightful cocktails and tasty bites are served to your plush seat by the sea.

It is a recipe for perfection.

Uchu & Its Emerald Pool
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

A Grand Setting

Step inside Uchu and you are whisked into an old fashioned dream.

Uchu's Bar
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Belmond excels in blending vintage charm with modern luxury. Uchu's bar is a definitive example. Dressed in deep greens, with a black marble bar and strips and touches of gold throughout, it is both romantic and sophisticated.

The theme continues outside with the most enchanting addition to the entire Belmond property, Uchu's emerald pool.

Uchu's Terrace
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Emerald green sparkles under the Anguilla sun, beckoning you to slip inside. Its fountain bubbles at one end. At its opposite side, its waterfall runs down into an infinity edge pool below. Each tile twinkles like a gem stone.

The emerald pool is a most inspired touch that evokes the most exotic and upscale dreams. So striking, this could be a setting in a James Bond film. It is jaw-dropping.

Elegant seating surrounds and fans out from the pool. Additional seating wraps around the bar area.

Touches of ceramic pots and a variety of succulents, bougainvillea, palms, intricate wooden chairs and Maunday's Bay itself all round out the other-worldly feel.

Wrap Around Terrace Seating
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Meet Chef Cesar Landeo

Boasting one of the most popular types of cuisine in the world, Uchu is rich in Peruvian flavor.

Chef Cesar Landeo
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

Hailing from Peru, Chef Cesar Landeo has been with the Belmond family for over 12 years. His craft has taken him throughout his home country. From the peaks and valleys of Arequipa and Cusco, to the bustling capital of Lima, Chef brings a world of Peruvian culture to Uchu.

Chef's lunch menu features classic lunch dishes with hints of Peruvian influence. Visit for dinner for Chef's full Peruvian dinner menu.

Let's explore both experiences...

Uchu For Lunch

Mid-day on Maunday's Bay calls for a refreshing cocktail.

Mid-Day Reprieve From The Sun
lunch cocktails at belmond

For a drink as blue-tiful as the sea, go with the Maunday's Mule. A mix of Blue Curacao, lime juice, vodka and ginger beer, the citrus ginger foam is an extra-refreshing touch. Another favorite? The Paradise Passion, a "must" for gin lovers. Gin is mixed with elderflower, club soda, lime juice and hibiscus syrup.

Finally, for fans of Cosmos, Maunday's does theirs with a tropical twist. This cosmo is made of mango purée, passion fruit, vodka, lime juice, cointreau and coconut rum.

Maunday's Mule
maundays mule cocktail

Cocktails pair perfectly with Chef's Arequipa Hummus.

Arequipa Hummus
arequipa hummus salad at belmond

Chef makes this hummus all his own by adding fresh Peruvian flavors of onions, tomato, coriander and lime juice. The whole chickpeas and walnuts bring a satisfying "bite" to this dish. The plate is served with colorful tortilla chips, making it a perfect plate "to share."

Other appetizers include gazpacho and a variety of salads, including a "classic"...

Crayfish Barclay Salad
crayfish barclays salad at belmond

A nod to Cap Juluca's former restaurant, Barclays, this salad features a sizable portion of pan-fried crayfish served in-shell. It is served atop a bed of lettuce, tomato and avocado, all finished with a raspberry dressing. If light and bright with a touch of sweet is to your liking, the crayfish salad more than delivers.

Moving on to entrees, Maunday's lunch menu features a variety of ceviches, tacos, grilled seafood, wraps, burgers and sandwiches.

Finally, Belmond knows how to please every sweet tooth. Uchu's dessert menu includes crème brûlée, "lemon delicious", fresh fruit and...

Coconut Custard
coconut custard at belmond

Coconut custard is topped with pistachio ice cream and garnished with dried meringue and a roasted pistachio crumble. A light way to end the day!

For chocolate lovers? Uchu has us covered.

Chocolate Bar & Guanabana
chocolate bar and guanabana at belmond

A rich dark chocolate bar is layered with guanabana, also known as soursop. The combination of the rich dark chocolate and the sour of the soursop ignites every tastebud on your tongue. The scoop of chocolate ice cream is a welcomed treat on a warm day.

Chef does not end there. Come sunset hour? Chef creates the ultimate Peruvian experience at Belmond's Uchu.

Champagne Sunsets

Special Tip: Be sure to time your dinner to the sunset!

Sunset Sabrage
sunset sabrage Belmond Cap Juluca

Sunset hour is champagne hour at Uchu. It is celebrated Belmond-style with Sabrage. The Belmond team teaches you the ways of Sabrage with an antique sword and a chilled bottle of champagne. This may be the most memorable way to end a day in Anguilla.

Champagne Sunsets at Uchu
Maundays Club at Belmond Cap Juluca

If it is a cocktail you would prefer, Belmond has you covered.

Match your cocktail to the sunset, with...

Strawberry Emoliente Ice Tea & Tequila Cooler
Emoliente Ice Tea & Tequila Cooler at Belmond Cap Juluca

For tequila lovers, the Tequila Cooler features a combination of tequila, jalapeno, pineapple and lime. This cocktail may pack a punch but it will keep you cool all evening :-)

From the "Non-Alcoholic Cocktails," we love the Emoliente Ice Tea. It is said that Emoliente has healing powers. This drink will make you a believer! To kick the flavor up a notch, add your choice of mango, passion fruit or strawberry.

Sunset Snacks of Plantain Chips & Corn
bar snacks at Uchu

When the sun goes down? Belmond takes your breath away all over again!

Night Fall at Uchu
night time Uchu

Fine Peruvian Dining

To prepare your tastebuds for a culinary trip to South America, begin with a classic Peruvian cocktail...

Pisco Sour
pico sour at Uchu

The Pisco Sour was invented in Lima in the 1920s. This classic cocktail is made with Pisco, lime, bitters and silky egg whites. Timeless for a reason, the hint of sour in this stiff drink ignites your tastebuds.

Pisco Sour in-hand, prepare to dive into the world of fine Peruvian dining.

Uchu's menu is separated into three sections inspired by Peru's different eco-systems: The Coast, The Jungle and The Andes. Each menu section features appetizers and main courses.

"The Coast" begins with the Ceviche Carretillero.

Ceviche Carretillero
Ceviche Carretillero at Uchu

Local fish of the day, fried calamari, sweet potato cubes and crispy corn nuts all rest in "tiger's milk," a spicy marinade often used to prepare ceviche.

The buttery-soft, sumptuous chunks of fresh snapper are divine, its flavor enhanced by the tiger milk and slices of red onion. The crispy calamari brings a welcomed crunch to the dish.

With an exciting array of textures and flavors, this ceviche is fun to eat.

One of our favorite appetizers at Uchu...

Tiradito Nikkel
tiradito nikkel at Uchu

Extra-soft pieces of tuna are bathed in lime juice and hondashi, and topped with sesame seeds.

To really unlock the flavor in this dish? Try the elegantly wrapped "Kyuri" (Japanese cucumber). These thin slices of cucumber are soaked in a rocoto juice. Add a slice of Kyuri to your tuna to "spice" up this light dish.

The combination of flavors is outstanding and a wonderful nod to Peru's cuisine, which usually blends Japanese flavors with South American elements.

When it comes to entrees, the Pescado a la Chorrillana is a favorite.

Pescado a la Chorrillana
Pescado a la Chorrillana at Uchu

A hefty piece of snapper is cooked in a bell pepper and onion stew. It is served atop lightly fried, chunky strips of cassava and with a side of rice. This hearty dish will leave you satisfied.

Before moving onto the next section of Uchu's menu, we recommend another round of drinks. Belmond's cocktails are that good.

Summer Blush and Mix Berries G&T
Ceviche Amazonico at Uchu

The Summer Blush is as fresh as a garden in full bloom. Made with rose wine, St. Germain and maple syrup, it is a sweet and refreshing. Belmond's gin & tonic is another must-try. After all, Belmond has long held the title for best gin and tonic in Anguilla!

Back to the menu...

Creativity shines in Chef's next menu section, "The Jungle." Let's start with the...

Ceviche Amazonico
Ceviche Amazonico at Uchu

This appetizers features a mix of fish of the day, heath of palm, plantain chips, sweet potato cubes and crispy corn nuts. Special Touch: The heath of palm and sweet potato cubes are sourced from the jungles of Peru!

Chef brings light flavors to the dish by adding avocado and the classic citrusy tiger milk.

Another playful Peruvian dish from the main course options...

El Plato de San Juan
El plato de San Juan at Uchu

A juicy rib eye is cooked to your liking and slathered in a tasty, tangy chimichurri sauce. The steak is complemented by Juane, a traditional Peruvian rice dish.

This rice dish is full of savory flavor. Rice is seasoned with a variety of spices, olives, topped with a hard-boiled egg and cooked in a bijao leaf.

The dish doesn't end there. It also comes with "Quillabamba slaw", a coleslaw infused with mango.

After such a flavorful journey, sit back, relax and take in the Uchu view...

Uchu's Night Time View
uchu night time view

And then? End the evening with a sweet treat.

We highly recommend the Crème Brûlée.

Crème Brûlée
Crème Brûlée at Uchu

Every detail of this dish is perfect. Your first spoonful comes with a delightful surprise. The bottom of this crème brûlée has a fanciful purple corn pudding. An extra-special layer within an already extra-special dessert!

The creamy goodness... the quinoa tuile... the freshest berries... yep, this dessert is like a trip to heaven.

Also up for grabs...

Blueberry Pie
Blueberry Pie at Uchu

A sweet tart is filled with pillowy soft cream and topped with blueberries. Chef pairs it with with caju nut and pisco coconut cream.

From indulgent cocktails and eats, to a sumptuous setting and one of the most striking sunset settings, Belmond's Uchu is impressive.

Cheers to magical nights at Uchu at Belmond Cap Juluca!

Magical Belmond Cap Juluca
uchu belmond

Directions, Hours & Contact

Tel: 264-497-6666

Hours: Bar daily: 9am-11pm. Lunch daily: 11am-5pm. Dinner nightly: 6-10pm.

Directions: At Belmond Cap Juluca

Menu: Lunch, Dinner, Drinks