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Best Fries, Not Just On Anguilla,
But Of All Caribbean Vacations?


This restaurant has closed since the closing of the original Malliouhana in 2012. For more on Malliouhana's current dining, with Executive Chef Marc Alvarez, click here.

Cool beers (for Dad!), and mouth-watering meals of fries & ribs, certainly make Caribbean vacations huge successes!

I don't know about you, but I can't think of one meal that wouldn't go well with a plate of hot, crispy fries.

And of course it's a no brainer that the best French fries in the world can be found in their "pays d'origine", France!

But when you cannot be in France for fries, seek out a French ex-pat...

When we first discovered Didier and his warm, friendly, lively French "cafe", Le Bar, we thought it'd be a French fry haven. Wronnnnng! Didier didn't do fries.

It was time to sample some other restaurants. We were determined to find the best French fries in this British colony! Not an easy task.

My Dad says that the British do fries, but they're so embarrassed about it that they call them "chips." I'm not sure if he's kidding. Ha! Ha!

Actually, many restaurants serve fine fries. But we wanted "finest," not just "fine." And then we stumbled upon...

Le Bistro
At Malliouhana Resort

This French-inspired lunch spot has done it... "frites!" Not fries. Not chips. Perfect, crisp, each-one-is-better-than-the-one-before, "frites."

These potatoes were perfect... hot and crispy skins, that enveloped warm, tasty potato. Mmm.

Am I in France? Am I in St. Martin?

No, of all the possible Caribbean vacations, I was on a British colony enjoying the best French fries anywhere. Oh yes, I almost forgot to tell you about my tasty, perfectly grilled snapper.