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Sublime Resto Bar...
Fine Dining in Maho


By: Louise Fayet

Maho is one of the most popular spots in Sint Maarten for tourists and locals alike. Home to 5 star hotels, villas, restaurant upon restaurant, casinos and the famous airport beach, Maho is a Sint Maarten hot spot.

Opened in 2020, Sublime Resto Bar has quickly become one of Maho's most popular spots. Loved for its intricate dishes and unique decor, I needed to cross Sublime off my dining list!

Let's see what all of the hype is about...

Welcome to Sublime
Sublime Resto Bar

Located upstairs of the complex in Maho, dining on the outside patio offers views of the busy Maho strip. Step inside, and you are blown away by the design and decor.

Inside Sublime
Sublime Resto Bar

Plush red chairs with gold finishings surround hardwood dining tables. Above you, light fixtures emit colors of purple, yellow and green creating a cool and relaxing atmosphere.

Sublime Resto Bar

On your table, textured napkins rest folded on your place setting next to your polished silverware. Etched in your place mat, a quote - "Love is eternal, SIMPLE LIFE".

The setting is stylish and luxurious in every way.

Sublime Resto Bar

Even the menu book screams high class, made of wood and leather.

The decor immediately sets high expectations! How does the cuisine measure up? Let's find out...

Cocktails for the Night
Sublime Resto Bar

With mojitos in hand, it's time to dive into the menu!

Fine Dining at Sublime

The menu opens with their starters. Options include pan fried foie gras, spinach and ricotta ravioli, onion soup and...

Tuna Tartare
Tuna Tartare at Sublime Resto Bar

Fresh chunks of tuna are layered with an avocado cream and garnished with pomegranate, microgreens and delightfully light rice paper.

Next from the starters, the Shrimp Tempura.

Shrimp Tempura
Shrimp Tempura at Sublime Resto Bar

Four shrimp are fried in a tempura batter and served in a coconut curry sauce, all on a bed of fresh greens.

One of our favorite starters of the night...

Crab Cakes
Crab Cakes at Sublime Resto Bar

Three mini crab cakes are topped with dollops of smoked jalapeños, corn salsa and cilantro. Served with a savory aioli sauce, this dish's flavors are perfectly balanced!

Another from the starters, the Calamari.

Calamari at Sublime Resto Bar

Sautéed calamari rings are mixed with cherry tomatoes, onions, celery and arugula. It is all tossed in a tangy and pleasant sauce.

Last but not least, the "show stopper"...

Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb Sliders
Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb Slider at Sublime Resto Bar

Three lamb patties are served on soft slider buns, with sautéed mushrooms, melted gouda cheese, tomatoes and a secret sauce. This dish comes with an organic green salad. We were fighting over who got the last slider!

After sublime and satisfying starters and another round of mojitos, expectations were sky high.

How do the mains stack up? Let's take a bite!

Sublime's entrées feature a variety of surf and turf options, including duck breast, 4 hour beef short ribs, chicken breast, scallops, tuna and...

Whole Lobster
Whole Lobster at Sublime Resto Bar

A massive lobster, it is cooked to absolute perfection! The spongy and succulent meat absorbs all of the garlic butter making every bite magical. I highly recommend ordering yours with a side of scalloped potatoes. They are out-of-this-world delicious!

Other side options incude mac 'n cheese, fries, sautéed asparagus and green salad.

Next from the mains...

Octopus at Sublime Resto Bar

Purple octopus tail is served with baby veggies on a creamy carrot puree and rich cream of shrimp sauce.

From the "turf" choices...

Rack of Lamb
Rack of Lamb at Sublime Resto Bar

These chops stand at attention with a portion of smooth and buttery mashed potatoes and spinach. The whole plate is drizzled in a peppercorn sauce.

When it comes to steak, Sublime offers two types: bone-in rib eye steak and beef tenderloin with foie gras.

steak at Sublime Resto Bar

Seeking a lighter bite? Sublime's main menu also includes a variety of salads such as the Sublime salad, caesar salad, caprese salad, beef carpaccio and a lobster salad.

We had completely out-done ourselves, but if you have a sweet-tooth Sublime's desserts will call your name.

End the evening with the wet chocolate cobbler, tempura apple pie, Sublime creme brûlée or the strawberries with three dipping sauces.

From surf to turf, to appetizers and cocktails, decor and vibe, Sublime gets it right every time!

Sublime Resto Bar

See you soon, Sublime!

Open hours: Open daily Monday 'til Wednesday from 5pm to 12am; Thursday to Saturday from 5pm to 2am; Sunday from 5pm to 12am

Tel & Email: (721) 545-3146 or sublimesxm@gmail.com