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Coco Beach...
The Jewel of Orient Beach


Set on the beach scenes of all beach scenes in St. Martin, Coco Beach is arguably the "jewel" of Orient Bay.

Renowned for its haute cuisine, this beach club delivers one of the most gourmet and upscale dining experiences in St. Martin.

Welcome to Coco Beach
coco beach restaurant st. martin

Amidst lush gardens that open to Orient Bay's soft sands, Coco Beach pleases all senses.

The rustling of the palm trees, the cooling sea breeze, the aroma of French cuisine blowing through the air, the restaurant's chic beachy design...

As for the sense of taste?

As you sit down, in perfect time, like a well orchestrated performance, an elegant plate of parmesan bread sticks, bread crisps and a savory remoulade are placed before you.

Breadsticks & Crisps
coco beach breadsticks

Here, I must note, the service at Coco Beach is impeccable. Well-timed, they anticipate your every need without being over-bearing.

Coco Beach Cocktails

Afternoons at Coco Beach call for signature cocktails and fine French wines. Before moving onto rosés and Sancerres, try the Pina Colada Clarifiée.

Pina Colada Clarifiée
coco beach cocktail

This cocktail perfectly encapsulates the Coco Beach experience.

No pre-made, sugary mixes here. This Pina Colada is crafted from scratch with quality ingredients. Note the slice of dehydrated pineapple and the sizable ice cube. Taste, design, function... this is a well thought out cocktail.

Lunch at Coco Beach

Coco Beach's menu focuses on fine French cuisine. The menu includes a number of tapas and starters. Their descriptions are eye-popping.

For example, poached white asparagus from France with a Bearnaise sauce. Thinly sliced veal with a tuna sauce and anchovies. And then there's the...

Oeuf Poché
coco beach oeuf poche

A perfectly poached egg is served in a bath of creamy morel mushrooms. Puncture the egg and watch the yolk as it dissolves, coating the croutons and coloring the broth.

The dish blends art, entertainment and cuisine.

In addition to their main menu, Coco Beach features specials daily. We recommend ordering at least one daily special. The specials tend emphasize the use of fresh and local ingredients.

For example...

Crayfish Tails
coco beach cocktail

Bathed in a gentle miso broth and topped with scallions, this sweet crayfish meat was the most sumptuous seafood treat.

When it comes to main dishes, Coco Beach is in no short supply of juicy meats and succulent seafood. Lobster tails, red tuna, snapper, scallops, duck confit and lamb shank all grace the menu. As you might expect, foie gras, too, makes an appearance on a number of these dishes.

That includes...

Beef Chateaubriand
coco beach beef chateaubriand

A tower of melt-in-your-mouth beef is sandwiched between creamy, whipped potatoes. The decadent dish is topped with pan seared foie gras and bathed in a savory jus.

The rich gravy competes to be your favorite part of the dish. You have to hand it to the French. No one knows sauces like they do.

Finally, it wouldn't be an indulgent dining experience without dessert.

The best on the menu?...

Paris Brest
coco beach paris brest dessert

A delicate ring of Choux pastry is filled with praline cream. Look at that layer...

Paris Brest
coco beach paris brest dessert

As the soft pastry gives way to the cool cream, the sugar crystals add an addictive crunch to each bite.

From start to finish, just one afternoon at Coco Beach and you are hooked...

A Bientôt, Coco!
coco beach orient bay

Hours: Open Tuesday-Sunday from 7am-6pm.

Tel: +590690 64 14 94