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Grand Case, St. Martin


Grand Case makes for a #1 day trip to St. Martin on each and every Anguilla vacation.

Hop aboard the Anguilla ferry, cross the Caribbean sea, enjoy a breakfast of delightfully fluffy croissants, stroll through Marigot, shop in French boutiques, and end the day with a spectacular meal at one of the many restaurants in Grand Case.

grand case st. martin

One of our first favorites in Grand Case? The Grand Case Beach Club's restaurant, Sunset Cafe. My dad always raves on and on about this bistro. (This restaurant is a short walk east along Grand Case's main road, just outside of the town's central hub of activity.)

Sunset Cafe
sunset cafe at grand case st. martin

This serene spot overlooks the beach club's two quiet shores, truly emulating a south of France feel.

sunset cafe at grand case st. martin

As you dine, gaze out at the scenery. The waves gently lap at the shore, visitors quietly cool off in the turquoise, Caribbean, sea. You can even see Anguilla!

Grand Case Beach Club


I still believe that us Anguilla-lovers have the better end of the deal.

The breathtaking views of mountainous St. Martin are far more exotic and exhilarating than the flat, arid land that is Anguilla!

Let's explore some more excellent seaside lunch spots in Grand Case...

Rainbow Cafe
Rainbow Cafe at grand case st. martin

Currently one of my favorites in Grand Case, Rainbow Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rainbow Cafe is the spot for beach parties, delicious food and drinks and they even have a chic boutique! We love their rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of the beach.

Next up...

Le Temps Des Cerises
Le Temps Des Cerises at grand case st. martin

The restaurant is nestled in the LTC Boutique and Hôtel and serves up fresh French cuisine with Caribbean inspiration.

If you are more interested in grabbing a quick bite, try one of the many BBQ stops. Just follow your nose. They are so easy to find by their mouthwatering aromas coming from the smokers.

Sky's the Limit, locally known as Lolo's, whips up some tasty BBQ and savory sides. This huge meal will not break the bank!

BBQ Galore
Lolos BBQ at grand case st. martin

And the view is not bad either...

Lolos BBQ at grand case st. martin

Usually always calm and crystal clear, the waters of Grand Case's beautiful beach invite you for a refreshing swim after a filling lunch.

grand case st. martin

This beach town is surely picturesque. Vintage piers, bobbing boats anchored off shore and walls painted with mandalas near the waters...

grand case st. martin

Back on the main street, another must have photo souvenir is on the rainbow painted staircase.

grand case st. martin

These colorful stairs make for some eye catching pictures.

There is something here for everyone!

Grand Case is also rich with cute shops...

Grand Case

We love love love shopping in the chic beachy boutiques. I would love to know your Grand Case shopping tips!

My Dad insists that Grand Case is that little, funky, coastal town you would happen upon in France. It is truly defined, though, by its endless amount of restaurants. From high-end brasseries, to bars and cookouts.

Grand Case

When the sun sets and the twinkling lights of Anguilla start to show, it means that it is time for dinner. The already busy Grand Case gets even busier! We recommend making a reservation to ensure a seat at the fine dining restaurants.

Ocean 82 has been near to our hearts for almost a decade now...

True Sea-Side Dining
Ocean 82 in Grand case st. martin

The gently lapping waves on shore, yachts docked and the lights of Anguilla in the distance make Ocean 82 so romantic. With superb food, family-friendly service and spectacular views, Ocean 82 is one of our favorites in St. Martin.

Whether you are looking for a nice meal, a calming swim or to shop for some beach wear- visiting Grand Case is always a memorable experience.

'Till next time Grand Case!

More on Grand Case

Hotel L'Esplanade, which overlooks Grand Case, is a top choice hotel in St. Martin. Conveniently located, with comfortable rooms and pretty views, this French hotel fits right into its surroundings.

Ocean 82 has an unbeatable setting, overlooking Grand Case beach, and with Anguilla in the distance. Serving fine French food all afternoon, in a modern-yet-laid-back restaurant, it makes for a terrific lunch option.

Bistrot Caraibes offers one of the top French-Caribbean dining experiences. The menu is fresh and expertly prepared (with house specials such as homemade smoked Norwegian salmon and Lobster Thermidor) and the setting, in the heart of town, blends cozy-comfort with modern-refinement. Owners Thibault and Amaury Meziere have crafted a restaurant that truly defines Grand Case.


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