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Guide to Antigua & Barbuda...
Best Beaches in Antigua & Barbuda


By: Louise Fayet

Antigua and its sister island, Barbuda, are two enchanting islands in the Eastern Caribbean, both boasting a breathtaking coastline and a captivating history.

This tropical paradise, once a British island and now part of the Commonwealth, is celebrated for its pristine beaches and vibrant culture.

With direct flights from Anguilla to Antigua by Tradewind Aviation, getting here is convenient. These islands make for an ideal weekend trip from Anguilla.

Flying direct from Anguilla’s airport simply can't be beat. It is always so easy and fun. Tradewind Aviation makes it extra special with their luxurious Pilatus PC-12 turbine-powered planes. These planes are perfect for short-range flights like hops to St. Barth, San Juan and Antigua.

Hello Tradewind!
Hello Tradewind!

Inside, the planes are sparkling clean, with air conditioning, a comfortable pressurized cabin, lots of luggage space and plenty of snacks.

All Aboard
On board Tradewind

After you land, Signature Flight Support guides you through immigration and customs and then? Welcome to Antigua! Smoother than smooth, the experience is five-star in every way.

Now that we are here, it's time to tackle Antigua & Barbuda's 365 beaches! Click the video below to see more on these 300+ beaches...

We recommend you organize a rental car. It's the best way to get around the island. Roads here are straight forward, just be mindful of the many pot-holes.

Contact our friend Pete from Pete's Taxi & Car Rentals. He took great care of us and went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. You can reach him via Whatsapp at 268-789-0112.

All set? Let's explore the best beaches.

Top Beaches in Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda's coast is lined with white sandy beaches. Most are accessible by car. Some require a hike down and others can only be accessed by boat.

Let's start with my top 15. Crowned with 1st place, the stunning Princess Diana Beach on Barbuda...

Princess Diana Beach
Princess Diana Beach

This beach spans approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) along the western coast of Barbuda. The pristine beach gained popularity when Princess Diana and her family visited in 1997.

Love at First Sight
 Princess Diana Beach

White, soft sand and blue waters glisten in the hot Barbuda sunshine. The color of water is enchanting, similar to the blues of Shoal Bay East.

 Princess Diana Beach

A must visit is Coco Point. It is the Eastern tip of this Princess Diana Beach. Here the water is calm, shallow and crystal clear...

Coco Point - Princess Diana Beach
Coco Point - Princess Diana Beach

Princess Diana Beach should be one everyone's bucket-list when visiting Barbuda.

My 2nd favorite Antigua beach...

Coming in 2nd on my list, this beach is on a tiny offshore island and it is breathtaking!

Hello, Prickly Pear!
Prickly Pear

Accessible by boat, this uninhabited island has a white sand beach hugged by shallow reef, making the island calm and relaxing...

Prickly Pear offers an exclusive getaway for those seeking seclusion and natural beauty.

The island has one restaurant offering lunch and cool cocktails.

Prickly Pear Lunch

After a filling lunch, hang out in the beach cabanas, snorkel and enjoy the calm waters...

Prickly Pear

Next up at number 3 on my list is Coco Beach.

A true picture perfect beach, Coco Beach is serene with its curvy palm-fringed shores, clear blue waters and views of green mountains in the distance.

Charming Coco Beach
Coco Beach

Coco Beach is one of the best spots on Antigua to enjoy the sunset. Our top recommendation for sunset tapas and cocktails is at Sheer Rocks at Cocobay Resort.

Sheer Rocks is perched on a cliffside overlooking Coco Beach, offering panoramic views of the sea shore and stunning sunsets. The setting provides a romantic and picturesque backdrop for enjoying evening drinks and small plates.

Sheer Rocks at Sunset
Sheer Rocks at Cocobay Resort Antigua

A 7 minute drive from Coco Beach, also on the southwestern coast is...

#4 Turners Beach!

To discover this tucked away spot, continue south from Coco Beach and follow the scenic coastline.

OJ's Beach Bar or Julia's on the Beach offer great parking, refreshing cocktails, and delicious food right on the sands of Turners. These beachside bars provide a perfect spot to relax and shelter from the sun.

The Beautiful Turners Beach
Turners Beach

This quiet haven is one of the least populated beaches we have been on.

The beach is lined by coconut trees and sea grapes, providing much-needed natural shade from the toasty Caribbean sun.

Paradise at Every Turn
Turners Beach

Whether you're looking to swim, snorkel, or simply relax on the sand, Turners Beach provides a picturesque setting to enjoy the best of Antigua's coastal charm.

Just four minutes away, also on the southwestern coast of Antigua is Ffyres Beach.

In 5th place...

Ffyres Beach!
Ffyres Beach!

Similar to the other beaches on this coast with their calm, blue waters and white sand, Ffyres Beach stands out with its picturesque driftwood along the shoreline.

Driftwood on Ffyres Beach
Ffyres Beach!

Most of this beach is untouched, with only a hotel and a beach bar nearby where you can try the local cuisine.

Now, for a beach that blew us away...

6th on the list, Hermitage Bay!

Hermitage Bay is situated on the western side of Antigua, approximately a 25 minute drive from St. John's, the capital. The beach is tucked away in a secluded cove surrounded by lush tropical gardens.

Hermitage Bay

Home to one resort, the bay feels private and exclusive.

Even with resort guests, the beach is pretty much empty! For even more tranquility, walk towards the western end of Hermitage.

So lush and tropical, it is hard not to love this calm beauty.

On to #7...

This beach spans approximately 11 miles along the eastern coast of Barbuda. It is impossible to see without a boat.

Our friends at Barbuda Cottages set us up with a local boat guide and we were off!

Welcome to 11 Mile Beach
11 Mile Beach

We were met with miles of pristine beach all to ourselves. Due to the erosion of the beach and land from a hurricane Irma in 2017, the beach is no longer accesible by car or foot.

11 Mile Beach

All that remains on this beach are a few structures of a wrecked hotel, and then miles and miles of untouched sand.

11 Mile Beach

As your keep traveling along the Atlantic Ocean side of Barbuda you will start to see the color of the sand change to a rosey pink.

Next up, at #8 The Pink Sand Beach...

Now you have hit the famous Pink Sand beach!

Pink Sand Beach
Pink Sand Beach

The beach gets its distinctive pink hue from the presence of crushed coral mixed with the white sand. This unique combination gives the sand a beautiful pink color that contrasts against the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

While at Pink Sand and 11 Mile Beach, you may encounter seabirds, turtles, and other marine life. This is a must-visit for nature lovers looking to experience a truly unique and stunning natural wonder in the Caribbean.

Pink Sand at Barbuda Belle Point
Pink Sand Beach

If you do visit these gems, please respect the local environment, leave no trace behind when visiting and leave the sand and shells on the beaches.

9th on the list, Dickensen Bay Beach.

Dickenson Bay is visited by thousands a year, this is one of Antigua's most popular beaches. It is home to a variety of resorts and hotels like Sandals, Halcyon Cove and Buccaneer Beach Club.

Dickenson Bay is a hub for water sports, you can swim, snorkel, jet ski, paddle-board, and sail in the calm waters of the bay. There are also several beach bars and restaurants right on the sand.

Dickensen Bay Beach
Dickensen Bay Beach

Perhaps one of the main attractions on this beach and the most photographed spot on Dickensen Bay is the red phone booth...

Antigua is Calling!
Dickensen Bay Beach

Dickenson Bay is known for its lively and upbeat atmosphere. It's a popular gathering spot for both locals and tourists. The beach is perfect for families with the all of the amenities and family-friendly accommodations.

Sea You Again Soon, Dickensen Bay
Dickensen Bay Beach

In 10th place, Darkwood Beach.

Back to the southwest coast in between Ffryes and Turners is Darkwood Beach. The beach is a small but it still offers a significant sandy shoreline for you to enjoy.

Darkwood Beach
Darkwood Beach

If you're looking for a tranquil beach with stunning scenery and a more secluded vibe, Darkwood Beach is definitely worth a visit during your time in Antigua.

On to #11...

Morris Bay caught us by surprise.

The golden sands and the clear, calm waters took us back to Crocus Bay in Anguilla.

Morris Bay is a lesser-known beach located on the eastern coast of Antigua, near the town of Parham. This beach is relatively secluded and less developed compared to some of the more popular tourist beaches on the island.

Morris Bay
Morris Bay

Half of the beach is home to a resort, Curtain Bluff. The other half was completely empty when we visited.

Morris Bay

The shoreline is framed by full and lush coconut palms. A truly picturesque beach.

At #12 is Galley Bay.

Another off-the-beaten-path beach on the west coast, Galley Bay boasts three-quarters of a mile of coarse caramel sand. The all-inclusive Galley Bay Resort and a few villas are located directly on the beach. Yet the beach is never crowded.

For an even more secluded setting, there is a little nook to the west of Galley Bay. It is home to one very popular villa...

Giorgio Armani’s House
Giorgio Armani’s House

Yep! The fashion legend owns the villa, which overlooks Galley Bay.

With the small slice of sand all to ourselves, the sounds of nature and the dramatic cliffside views, this spot is nothing short of dreamy.

13th on the list, Runaway Beach.

True to its name, Runaway Beach offers a long expanse of sand on the northern coast, approximately 1.5 miles long. This beach is perfect for a lengthy leisurely stroll.

Runaway Beach
Runaway beach

When you visit Runaway Beach, you might find that your stress decides to 'run away' with the waves!

Runaway beach

In 14th place, Jolly Beach...

Jolly Beach is lively and expansive. The vibrant atmosphere makes it a popular beach for tourists who come to enjoy the local beachside bars.

Always Jolly on Jolly Beach
Jolly Beach

Jolly Beach is also one of the best beaches for a relaxing sunset show...

Golden Hour on Jolly Beach
Jolly Beach

Last but not least at #15, Pigeon Point Beach.

In Falmouth Harbour, close to English Harbour, Pigeon Point is known for its historic naval heritage and beautiful coastal scenery.

The beach was named after the historic Pigeon Point Fort, which overlooks the beach and the harbor. The fort was constructed in the late 18th century to protect English Harbour from potential invaders.

Pigeon Point Beach
Pigeon Point Beach

The beach offers stunning views of nearby mountains and luxury yachts. The surrounding area is lush and tropical adding to the natural beauty of the beach.

It would take me days to mention all the nooks and coves we fell in love with in Antigua & Barbuda. For now, if you are planning a visit to these sister islands, those are my fifteen must-see beaches.

To see even more of the beaches, check out this drone video of Barbuda...

After lounging on the beaches, it's time to explore the exciting attractions in Antigua & Barbuda!

What To Do & Where To Shop

Whether you're seeking breathtaking sunsets, island hopping adventures, or shopping for souvenirs, Antigua & Barbuda has it all.

Let's start with one of the most recommended, Shirley Heights!

An Unforgettable Sunset at Shirley Heights
Shirley Heights

For the most breathtaking sunset views on the island, head to Shirley Heights. Perched atop a historic military lookout, this vantage point offers panoramic vistas of Antigua's coastline and the neighboring islands.

Night Time at Shirley Heights
Shirley Heights

When the night falls, the harbour below lights up and creates the most magical atmosphere.

Come on a Sunday evening for live steel pan music and tasty BBQ eats.

Speaking of nightlife, English Harbour draws hundreds of people looking to dine and party.

During the daytime, this historic harbor is a hub of adventure and rich history, making it a must-visit in Antigua.

English Harbour: A Full-Day Adventure
English Harbour: A Full-Day Adventure

Explore the iconic Nelson's Dockyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the heart of English Harbour's historical district. This historic dockyard was once the base of the British Navy in the Caribbean during the 18th century.

Wander through the museum, quaint shops, and galleries offering local crafts and souvenirs.

While at the dockyard, it is hard not to marvel at the mega yachts moored in the harbor. English Harbour is renowned for hosting luxury yachts and sailboats, making it a paradise for boat lovers. Spend time strolling along the docks and admiring these impressive vessels.

Mega Yacht Sight-Seeing in English Harbour
English Harbour: A Full-Day Adventure

English Harbour is busy and alive. No visit to Antigua is complete without exploring the charming village.

On the topic of boating, Antigua's boating community thrives on exploring the surrounding islands. Another highly recommended activity? Explore the off shore cays and islands!

There are around 40+ off shore cays, including a mix of islands and islets.

We recommend Bird Island and Green Island.

As its name suggests, Bird Island is home to various bird species, including nesting seabirds and migratory birds. You will frequently see brown pelicans, frigate birds, terns, and herons.

North Beach on Bird Island
Bird Island

It is common to see locals anchored off at this cay to picnic.

The island is also a hot spot for the Antiguan racer (Alsophis antiguae), a species of snake that is native to Antigua and Barbuda and found nowhere else in the world.

Bird Island
Bird Island

Around 7 to 10 nautical miles from Bird Island is Green Island...

Mountainous Green Island
Green Island

Part of the North Sound Marine Park, the island is a haven for marine life.

You can surely spend a full day here. Green Island has a charming beachfront restaurant with rich dishes, fantastic service and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

Another must dine in Antigua & Barbuda is the Nobu on Princess Diana Beach.

Nobu Restaurant
Nobu on Princess Diana Beach

Nobu in Barbuda is a standalone restaurant right on Princess Diana Beach. Nestled within the nature, Nobu has breathtaking ocean views and an exclusive, laid-back atmosphere.

After a lavish lunch, the beach calls your name!

Nobu on Princess Diana Beach

What about shopping? The hot spot for name brand boutiques and Antigua & Barbuda souvenirs is in the capital, St. John's.

We spent an afternoon exploring St. John's, the bustling capital of Antigua. The town is vibrant with local culture. Colorful markets and boutique shops line the streets.

St. John's Shopping Excursion
St. John's Shopping Excursion

From luxury brands to unique souvenirs, St. John's has got your shopping needs covered.

Okay, now that you have your Antigua & Barbuda goodies, before your flight back with Tradewind, there is just one more stop to make...

Lunch at Cecilia's High Point Café
Cecilia's High Point Café lunch

Just 5 minutes from the airport, the smell of fresh herbs and seafood call out to you!

The charming seaside restaurant chefs up delicious plates. Local clams, beef tartar, healthy salads and filling pastas make up the menu.

We could not get over how relaxing this spot was! Pastel colors, washed wood, paisley touches, swaying palm trees, all with a view of Antigua blue... the perfect way to end our trip in Antigua. For more on Cecilia's you can click here.

We will be sea-ing you again soon, Antigua & Barbuda!

Antigua louise floating at coco point