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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Crocus Bay


Welcome to the closest beach to The Valley, Crocus Bay! Want to live on or near the ocean, yet just be seconds from "downtown"? Crocus Bay is the answer.

Let's see where we are...

Crocus Bay

Not only do you have the ocean and The Valley, you are also a mere few minutes by boat from Little Bay and its tiny perfection and marvelous snorkeling and da'Vida, one of our favorite Anguilla restaurants.

This beach does feature the most soothing sounds of the sea.

With Crocus Bay you have the heart of Anguilla, The Valley, right at your fingertips. And a "Hollywood-perfect" beach is a quick boat ride away.

Crocus Bay
Crocus Bay

Despite it's close proximity to "downtown," Crocus Bay is quiet, with homes scattered in the hills.

crocus bay anguilla

With the benefits of being near the Valley, near a beach and near daVida, you might be thinking...

"So," you figure, "it must be crowded here, right?" Wrong again. It's not crowded anywhere on Anguilla.

Anguilla real estate is everywhere!

And you have a choice of high or low, although personally I prefer the views and breezes from up top, here.

Take a look...

What a view! That's the Old Roy's on the right...
crocus bay anguilla

Note: Since these photos were snapped, Roy's has moved to Sandy Ground.

daVida has taken its place.

daVida is really the single most important addition to Anguilla since the turn of the century. Built on their family land (the Lloyd family), it is a project born from a pure passion for Anguilla, for the beach, for food, and for life!

Visit da'Vida for a relaxing beach day, or a memorable dinner.

da'Vida and Crocus Bay From Above
anguilla real estate

Enough about daVida! Back to the Anguilla real estate tour ;-)

Notice the cliffs on the other side of the bay? Prime spot for a home!

Great views! As a matter of fact, here's a few photos from that very hill looking towards the one we're on now...

The Majestic Crocus Bay Sweep!
anguilla real estate

And Look At The Shimmering Sea!
anguilla real estate

Crocus Bay Beach is home to fantastic views, food, and sea life! I'd tell you to merely stop in for a lunch at daVida, but it wouldn't just be a stop. You may end up building a home and living there forever!

In addition to Anguilla real estate, there are a few options for sale, including condos and apartments...

Brookland Island View Apartments
Anguilla condos

The views are spectacular and the lulling, calming, comforting sound of the waves seem to resonate up from the ampitheatre-shaped hillside.

Also high in the cliffs surrounding Crocus Bay is a luxury condo complex that will soon be available for purchase.

Take a peek at this Crocus Bay video to see more of this beach...

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