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Movida Rotisserie & Grill...
A High-Value Favorite For a
Night Out in Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten


By: Louise Fayet

Simpson Bay is one of Sint Maarten's top hot spots. By day, beach restaurants offer tropical vibes on a picture-perfect white-sand beach underneath the warm Caribbean sun. Come night fall, the atmosphere is magical.

Simpson Bay From the Sky
Simpson Bay from the Sky

The area is best known for its yacht-filled lagoon and the five-star restaurants that line it. The glitz and glamor of the mega yachts attracts visitors, who come to dine and bask in the luxuriousness.

When the sun goes down, every restaurant and bar opens, eager to welcome you. It is always tough choosing where to dine. Movida Rotisserie & Grill is one spot that has won my heart over and over again.

Welcome to Movida
Movida Rotisserie & Grill

Opened in October 2020, Movida has quickly built a strong reputation for its superb value. Located in the heart of Simpson Bay at the Shops At Puerto De Sol complex, it is near some of our all time favorites like Little Bamboo and Avantika.

If I could, I would dine at Movida every night. Let me show you why...

Step Inside Movida Rotisserie & Grill

The staff at Movida are one of a kind. Waitresses, Layla and Brianda and bartender, Julio always greet you so warmly.

Meet Julio!
Julio at the bartender at Movida Rotisserie & Grill

Julio's vibrant and positive energy immediately makes you feel at home. He has a welcoming air that puts you at ease. An NYU-grad, he actually designed the bar! Not impressed yet? Check out his cocktails...

Mojitos at Movida
Mojitos at Movida Rotisserie & Grill

With just one sip of the strawberry mojito, you fall in love. I also have to recommend the "Mojito Fizz" - another light and tasty cocktail option. If it's not mojitos you crave, Julio has you covered. Moscow Mule, Margarita, Rum Punches and Martinis, he can whip up whatever your heart desires.

In great spirits at this point in the Movida experience, only food can make the evening better!

Dinner at Movida

The menu is simple and starts off with tapas. Choose from garlic shrimp, cheese sticks, conch fritters, duck dumplings, garden salad, island ceviche or...

Impossible Meatballs
Impossible Meatballs at Movida Rotisserie & Grill

These handmade meatballs are oh-so-flavorful, with diced onions and parsley. This dish is served with their homemade refreshing salsa.

Up next, yummy chicken wings.

Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings at Movida Rotisserie & Grill

Choose 8, 20 or even 40 pieces! Then, pick your desired sauce: Plain, teriyaki, BBQ, buffalo, mango habanero or peri-peri. I always go for the sweet and tangy teriyaki sauce. These wings are a great sharing starter. Crispy and succulent, they always hit the spot.

My favorite from the tapas so far are the...

Shrimp Tempura
Movida Rotisserie & Grill

A handful of butterfly shrimp are fried in a tempura batter until crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside. They are served with a spicy mayo. The shrimp alone are appetizing but with the dip? They blow your taste buds out of the park!

Next, Movida's burgers and sandwiches.

It is always so tough to choose from this part of the menu. Everthing makes your mouth water!

The grilled fish burger with tartar sauce... the skirt steak sandwich with chimichurri... even the chicken sandwich with your choice of plain, teriyaki, BBQ, buffalo, mango habanero or peri-peri... they all call your name.

One of my top choices?

Kobe Beef Burger
Kobe Beef Bruger at Movida Rotisserie & Grill

A succulent beef patty is grilled to perfection and popped on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato and red onion. I top mine with cheddar cheese but you can choose bacon, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, foie gras, gouda or blue cheese. With homemade French fries and cole slaw, it satisfies every burger craving.

Next, the Rotisserie section features whole or half chickens with peri-peri and ahi verde sauce, and whole or half of a duck served with an orange glaze.

Now, to the "Meats." Choose from a 12oz New York striploin, 12oz sirloin, 8oz beef tenderloin, t-bone, skirt steak, porterhouse lamb chops or the 12oz ribeye.

Ribeye Steak with Peppercorn & Chimichurri
Ribeye Steak with Peppercorn & Chimichurri at Movida Rotisserie & Grill

Each steak comes with your choice of sauce. Options include peppercorn, chimichurri or mushroom cream sauce. Then, add your choice of bacon, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, foie gras, shrimp or lobster tail.

I love this section of the menu. It feels like I am building my own meal!

Ribeye Steak with Mushroom Sauce
Ribeye Steak with Mushroom Sauce at Movida Rotisserie & Grill

The ribeye is always oh-so-juicy. The meat simply melts in your mouth. Paired with the sauce, it is heavenly! Finally, what goes better with steak than creamy mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables?

The last section of the menu is the seafood section.

Pick a salmon fillet, grouper fillet, shrimp kebab, lobster tail or snapper fillet... all under $20! Where can you find a lobster tail for under $20? This is a steal of a seafood deal!

Let's sample the snapper and grouper fillet.

Snapper Fillet in Lemon Garlic Butter
Snapper Fillet at Movida Rotisserie & Grill

Fresh white and tender snapper is lathered in your sauce of choice. I always go with the lemon garlic butter and then choose sides of black beans, rice and potato salad. Other side options include french fries, sweet potato fries, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, corn on the cob, seasonal vegetables and a house garden salad.

Grouper Fillet
Grouper Fillet at Movida Rotisserie & Grill

The grouper fillet is also a favorite, drizzled in a lemon garlic butter sauce. Served with smooth and creamy mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, there is no better combo!

Lastly, the best part of every menu, the desserts! From the Movida's "Sweets" section: Oreo cheesecake, coconut tiramisu, chocolate mousse, key lime pie, Godiva chocolate martini, ice cream, sorbet and the star of the menu...

Churros with Chocolate Sauce & Ice Cream
Churros with Chocolate Sauce & Ice-Cream at Movida Rotisserie & Grill

Four crunchy churros are covered in brown sugar and drizzled in chocolate. On the side, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dish of melted chocolate sauce for dipping.

It is hard to find churros in Sint Maarten. Every time we visit, I cannot help myself. There is no way we can not order this sweet treat!

Movida always deliver an excellent experience. A full meal of cocktails and starters, main courses of fresh fish and high quality steak, plus dessert comes in at $150. It is one of the most high-value dining experiences in Sint Maarten. Rounded out by superb service and a warm atmosphere, you cannot go wrong with a meal at Movida!

Open hours: Open Daily from 11:00AM to 12:00AM

Tel & Email: (721) 527-8119 or reservations@movidasxm.com