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Little Bamboo...
An Asian Cuisine Favorite
in Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten


By: Louise Fayet

If you have been to Sint Maarten, you have probably heard of Bamboo! Previously located in Maho, Bamboo has long been a Sint Maarten hot spot loved for its Asian cuisine.

This island favorite has been operating for over 15 years. Today, you can find Bamboo and all of its flavorful Asian dishes at the Shops At Puerto De Sol in Simpson Bay.

Let's step inside one of Sint Maarten's most popular sushi spots...

Welcome to Little Bamboo
Little Bamboo

Time to Dine!

Bamboo's reputation is built on excellent cuisine. It all begins with the chefs, formerly of Nobu and Morimoto. Their experience at some of the world's top sushi restaurants shines through as you read the menu. Bamboo's dishes are rich with contemporary flair, blending Latin and Asian flavors.

The menu begins with small plates of seaweed salad, miso soup, tuna tartare, salmon tacos and...

Edamame at Little Bamboo

It isn't "sushi night" without a plate of edamame! Steamed soy beans pair perfectly with a gentle sprinkling of sea salt. For a twist, we had ours tossed in a sweet miso sesame sauce. You can also have yours spicy.

Another classic from the small plates section...

Duck Gyoza
Duck Gyoza at Little Bamboo

Six pieces of pan-fried gyoza are stuffed with minced duck and served with a tangy eel sauce. Bamboo's gyoza options don't end there. Other choices include: pork with ginger soy, mango kimchi and veggie gyoza with tomato anis and fennel.

Another dumpling option...

Shrimp Shumai
Shrimp Shumai at Little Bamboo

Bite size steamed Chinese shrimp dumplings are paired with a Thai basil sweet chili sauce.

Now, let's test out Bamboo's one-of-a-kind appetizers...

Crispy Cauliflower
Cauliflower at Little Bamboo

Florets of cauliflower are fried until crispy, then covered in a Thai basil sweet chili sauce. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, you cannot go wrong with this starter!

Next up, the Tiger Shrimp Tempura...

Tiger Shrimp Tempura
Shrimp Tempura at Little Bamboo

Whole shrimp are deep fried in a fluffy, light batter. They are served with three exceptional dips: ginger soy, sweet and spicy, and Thai curry mayo. The dips complete this appetizer. Mouthwateringly delicious and fun to eat, this starter scores a 10/10 for me!

Last but not least?...

Crispy Calamari
Crispy Calamari at Little Bamboo

Squid rings are cut thin and fried to perfection. An aji amarillo aioli is served on the side. This dip blew our tastebuds away, too! A light sauce, it is loaded with flavor.

Next up, did somebody say sushi?

Bamboo's menu features a wide variety of rolls, from classics to contemporary creations. Avocado, California, cucumber and Philadelphia rolls are all on the menu, along with a wide variety of Bamboo originals.

Here are our favorite specialty rolls. First up...

Sexy Salmon Roll
Sexy Salmon roll at Little Bamboo

Baked salmon and avocado are layered on the inside. Each piece is completed with a slice of fresh salmon, fresh tuna or eel. The final touch? The tempura crunch on top!

Dotted with sweet wasabi and drizzled in a spicy eel sauce, the blend of flavors leave you in sushi heaven.


The Rainbow Roll
Rainbow Roll at Little Bamboo

Blue crab, avocado and cucumber are topped with fresh salmon, tuna or yellowtail, and dollops of citrus mayo.

Calling all lobster lovers! If you love lobster, don't miss the...

Bamboo Deluxe Roll
Lobster Roll at Little Bamboo

Tempura lobster is layered with lettuce, cream cheese and avocado. The whole concoction is finished with spicy mayo, eel sauce and wasabi mayo.

If you're craving spicy tuna, kick it up a notch with the...

Island 92 Roll
Island 92 Roll at Little Bamboo

This shrimp tempura roll is topped with spicy tuna and an extra tempura crunch. The whole plate is drizzled in a savory-sweet eel sauce.

Another option for those seeking spice?...

The Tuna Amazing & Salmon Delight
Tuna Amazing & Sexy Salmon Delight at Little Bamboo

The Tuna Amazing is a spicy tuna roll with fresh tuna, tempura and spicy mayo.

For lovers of salmon, The Salmon Delight features a unique combination of spicy salmon, mango and cucumber. The roll is completed with toppings of fresh salmon, salmon roe and citrus mayo. True to its name, the mix of spicy and refreshing flavors is pure delight!

Bamboo also features a variety of nigiri and sashimi bowls and plates.

Sashimi Plate
Little Bamboo

There is no other way to cut it! Bamboo's sushi chefs slice a generous portion of sashimi. Thick and fresh, these cuts of sashimi melt in your mouth. The combo plate comes with three pieces of tuna, three pieces of salmon, three pieces of yellowtail, three pieces of white tuna and three pieces of black pepper tuna.

Rounding out the entire Asian dining experience is the option to dine omakase-style! A true treat, we will be back to sample chef's top choices :-)

Until then, it is safe to say that Bamboo has stood the test of time. This Sint Maarten favorite continues to elevate Asian cuisine and hold a place as one of our go-to's for sushi in Simpson Bay.

Little Bamboo

Open hours: Monday to Sunday, 6pm - 2am

Tel & Email: +1 721-523-1508