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Easy, Breezy, Bluuuetiful...
Long Bay Beach Resort


The British Virgin Islands have always captured our imaginations. Lush green mountains, endless secret coves, crystal blue waters, the myriad of isles dotting the sea.

Choosing which islands to visit is perhaps the tallest task when planning a BVI vacation. One stop that is a must? Tortola for a stay at none other than...

Long Bay Beach Resort
long bay beach resort view

Arriving at Long Bay Beach Resort

Directly on Long Bay, and just 2 minutes from idyllic Smuggler's Cove, Long Bay Beach Resort wins for location alone. Its beach is one of the most spectacular in all the Virgin Islands.

Welcome to Long Bay Beach Resort
the beach setting at long bay beach resort

Long Bay Beach Resort builds on its natural advantage with excellent service and elegant finishings.

The experience begins with a sweet welcome...

Sweet Beginnings
arriving at long bay beach resort

Miguel greets you with a warm smile and a cool rum punch to beat the Caribbean heat. Is there a better way to begin a vacation?

As you sip, a cool sea breeze blows in from the east. It immediately puts you at ease.

long bay beach resort tortola

There is something to the shades of blue at Long Bay. They glisten extra-vibrant. Lush palm trees and sea grapes perfectly frame every hue and view.

In the distance, Jost Van Dyke calls your name.

the beach at long bay beach resort

Perhaps most captivating of all is the view to the west. The combination of the emerald mountain with the swaying palm tree conjures up mystical Caribbean day dreams.

long bay beach resort view

Owned by a family from Malibu, Long Bay Beach Resort exudes that shabby chic, cozy cool vibe found on the coveted California coast. The couple has successfully brought that air to the Caribbean.

grounds at long bay beach resort

The property features multiple gathering points, cabanas on the beach, beach chaises, fire pits and top restaurant in Tortola...

1748 restaurant at long bay beach resort

One of the most historic buildings on the island, 1748 was an 18th century rum distillery. The rich stonework creates a magical atmosphere come nightfall.

Before we dig in at 1748 let's check out...

The Suite Life

Long Bay Beach Resort features beachfront, oceanview and garden view suites.

Beachfront Suites
long bay beach resort balcony

The beachfront rooms are worth the splurge. Let us show you why...

Hello, Long Bay Blue!
long bay beach resort suite view

The vistas have you at hello. First step inside and you instantly exhale any ounce of stress. The white washed walls, the crisp linens, the plush bed...

It all is beautifully complemented by Long Bay's blue that awaits you.

Long Bay Bliss
long bay beach resort balcony

Does it get better than this? We shore don't think so!

The scenery is only the beginning. This room's en-suite impresses all over again. Oversized, the shower alone is the size of studio apartments in New York City.

long bay beach resort shower

A wooden bench gazes out to a jaw-dropping view of Jost Van Dyke and Tortola. Prefer privacy? With the flick of a switch the window whites out.

The luxuriously thoughtful touches don't end there.

The stone work, the use of wood, the soaps, conditioners and lotions...

long bay beach resort shower

Each room also features a flatscreen TV, bottled water and everything you need to prepare coffee the next morning.

Once settled in? Let's hit the beach!

nori and louise at long bay beach resort

Long Bay Beach & Johnny's Beach Bar

True to its name, Long Bay stretches out like a sparkling white sand runway. Backed by lush greenery and opening onto azure waters, it is the perfect beach for beachcombing.

the beach at long bay beach resort

When it's time for rest? This iconic swing has it made in the shade...

Made in The Shade
the beach at long bay beach resort

After a long walk, the resort's beach bar calls your name.

Johnny's Beach Bar
beach bar at long bay beach resort

Johnny's Beach Bar boasts that Long Bay boho charm with its palapa style roof, bamboo touches and white washed walls.

Its swing seats beckon you to take a load off...

swings at the bar at long bay beach resort

Enchanting Evenings

When the sun goes down, a magical spell is cast over the property. Sea grape trees sparkle with twinkling lights. The fire pits ignite. A romantic atmosphere blazes!...

firepit at long bay beach resort

To best begin the evening, start with a margarita at Johnny's Beach Bar. The only question is...

Blended or On The Rocks?
cocktails at long bay beach resort

When hunger calls, 1748 is a stone throw's away. Dine inside the restaurant's cavernous rock walls for a historic feel. Or, if you prefer the sea breeze, 1748's generous patio offers plenty of oceanfront seating.

dinner at long bay beach resort

Dining to the sound of the rolling waves puts you at ease for days.

night time at long bay beach resort

1748's menu is tight, fresh and healthy. Plenty of high protein options and farm fresh salads grace the menu.

To start, we recommend...

Smashed Avocado
smashed avocado at 1748 restaurant

Avocado is seasoned with chili flakes and served with a pestle and mortar. Smash it to your liking, sprinkle a touch of lime and pair with the picante dipping sauce.

Another winning starter...

Vegetarian Fully Loaded Salad
vegetarian salad at 1748 restaurant

We have to thank our waitress for this outstanding recommendation! Feta is marinated in a bell pepper purée and popped on an ultra-fresh salad complete with pickled red onion, plump cherry tomatoes and wisps of carrots and beets. The dish comes with sun-dried tomato focaccia.

For mains, another spot-on tip from our waitress...

Les Acadians Crucian Style Sweet & Spicy Half Chicken
half chicken at 1748 restaurant

You know you have found an excellent restaurant when their chicken is fall-off-the-bone succulent and juicy. 1748's is just that. Chicken is rubbed with tangy Caribbean spices. It is then braised ever so slowly with ginger, onions, turmeric, garlic and paprika.

Crispy skin breaks to the pressure of your fork. The soft meat inside pulls from the bone so easily.

The dish comes with an extraordinary side of rice & peas. Bathed in a chicken consommé, these are some of the most sumptuous rice & peas we have had to date.

After a rich meal in an elegant ambience, there is nothing left to do except stroll home to your suite and take in the sounds of the beach...

Good Night, Long Bay
long bay beach resort night time

Good Morning, Long Bay Beach Resort!

The cherry on top when it comes to stays at Long Bay?...

Majestic Mornings
sunrise at long bay beach resort

Brew your coffee in-suite and watch as pinks and purples dance across the sky.

sunrise at long bay beach resort

From sun up to sun down, we could sure "hang around" Long Bay Beach Resort for a long while.

hanging around at long bay beach resort

Long Bay Beach Resort is the spot to stay on Tortola. If you are planning a trip to the British Virgin Islands, you will most likely connect through Tortola on your way to islands like Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke.

Long Bay Beach Resort makes a stop in Tortola well worth your while. From its setting on the sands of Long Bay, to its exquisite dining and chic rooms, the experience will leave you longing for more.

Book Your Long Bay Stay

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Tel.: +1 (284) 345-3773

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