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Week on Arvor

by Brenda

We traveled on 63' Scottish made power vessel through Virgin Islands in '98. This boat was mentioned in one of the many Clive Cussler novels. We met in Red Hook Bay St. Thomas and departed from there and that was it for St.Thomas. The majority of our time was waters off St. John. I have to say the snorkeling was the best I have ever done.

Unfortunately the other couple along for the week lost their luggage thanks to Delta. That kept us longer at St. John while I had much anticipated going to Virgin Gorda. Believe me I really didn't get upset being the country bumpkin I was then.

We went to Cane garden bay Tortola which was about my favorite spot. Loaded with pelicans that were not afraid of you.
The ambiance at Soper's Hole was truly magical Nori, I really think you would like Tortola. We also stayed at Jost Van Dyke and Norman's Island. We found a few deserted beaches where all the life besides us was hearing the bleating goats beyond.

Our Captain even played the accordian and our First mate was a former nurse who had lived on Hawaii also. The other couple didn't even snorkel but really enjoyed the week. Perhaps I will be blessed some day to see the Baths at Virgin Gorda but for now I am content with my biannual trips to Anguilla with dreams of an early retirement there.

Be well at school this year.

Nori's Reply: What a great opportunity! How did all of this come to pass? It would be a dream to sail around Caribbean islands. Have you been to Tortola since? I wonder if it's still the same. Other Caribbean islands intrigue me so! Do you have any photos? Thank you for the story, Brenda. I love hearing about the other islands. It gives me goosebumps!

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