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Moke Anguilla...
Driving Anguilla In Style!


By: Louise Fayet

One of the most unique, and certainly most stylish ways to drive Anguilla? This is not your average rental car!...

Meet the Moke Fleet!
Moke Anguilla Car Rentals- Pink Flamingo, Mango and Gineup mokes

A stylish vehicle first introduced in the UK in the 1960's, Mokes have made a come back today. These classic, open-air vehicles boast durable steel construction and serious chic factor. It is no surprise they have taken the Caribbean by storm. They are the perfect beach buggy! Watch the video below for the full Moke experience.

Moke Anguilla offers 8 different colors: red, white, maroon, teal, yellow, orange, pink and green. Each color has a fun, island-inspired name. Our favorites? The Pink Flamingo and Mango! Admittedly, these catchy names may have had some influence when we were selecting our Moke ;-)

We chose our Mokes and got a quick tutorial on how to operate them. Automatic transmission, with blinkers, windshield wipers and speedometer, it is all intuitive. If you have driven a car, you can drive a Moke.

Inside The Moke
Moke Anguilla

Extra bonus? These Mokes are complete with sound system and retractable roof. With that, we were off!...

Touring The West End of Anguilla

Wind in our hair and sweet tunes playing on the speaker, the free feeling of riding in a Moke is unbeatable! We headed west to our first stop of the day, the famous Pink Cottage.

West End Pink Cottage
West End Pink Cottage with Mokes

Tip: To make the Moke of your Moke experience, book it for a sunny day. Blue skies above and sunshine beaming down makes for a pleasurable drive and the photo opportunities are one of a kind.

The Mokes compliment everything you park next to. We could not take enough photos!

West End Pink Cottage with Mokes

1,000 photos later, and it was onto our next stop...

The West End Arch
West End Arch with Mokes

And then...

The Belmond Cap Juluca Resort
The Belmond Cap Juluca Resort

After leaving Cap Juluca we took the roof off our Moke. Taking the top down is very simple, with easy to use hooks and clamps. Each Moke is equipped with storage compartments, one of which the roof can be folded into.

Our next stop is highly recommended, especially on a Moke adventure.

Cruising Through Back Street

Breathtaking views overlooking Sandy Ground, South Hill is one of Anguilla's most photogenic neighborhoods. Its Back Street just may be the most scenic route in Anguilla.

Welcome to Back Street in South Hill
Louise South hill Moke Anguilla

Every angle through Back Street...

 South hill Moke Anguilla

Called for photographs!...

Louise South hill Moke Anguilla

Your Moke comes equipped with a full tank of gas. With a plan to canvas the island tip to tip, we were off to Anguilla's East End.

Passing Through Island Harbour & Savannah Bay

About a 20 minute drive, the Moke is a fun way to see Anguilla and get the lay of the land. It's a completely novel experience. Driving open-air lets you truly feel the island!

As we rounded the corner to Island Harbour's main pier, adventure called. A tiny vehicle, we drove right onto the pier. Up close to the sea, with Scilly Cay in the distance...

Moke Anguilla

It was all big smiles!

Big Smiles!
Louise and Nori Moke Anguilla

Mid-afternoon, our tummies were rumbling. Palm Grove and the scenic dirt road to Junk's Hole were calling our names.

Ending The Day at Savannah Bay
16 hour short ribs at cafe celeste malliouhana

A BBQ bite and a dip in the sea... a perfect way to end the day!

After lunch, it was back to Meads Bay to return our sweet vehicle. We had fallen in love! The feeling of the wind in your hair and the openness on the road is unmatched. One of the best ways to explore Anguilla, the Mokes are highly recommended for a day of adventure, getting the lay of the land, and seeing Anguilla from an entirely different perspective.

Here's to making the MOKE of exploring Anguilla!

Email: drive@mokeanguilla.com

Main Office Location: Next to Leon's on Meads Bay

Tel: (264) 581-5000

NOTE: You need a driver's license to drive a Moke :-)