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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #3, October 2002

Since the last issue of Anguilla Beach Lovers, I've written four new pages...

1) Anguilla Real Estate
Most Caribbean islands have highly priced real estate. Great oceanfront prices, says my Dad, but there's one catch...

2)Yummy Part 2
Anguilla is "haute cuisine," great food at high prices. Here's how we "ate Anguillian" cheaply.

3) Why Choose Anguilla
Of all the Caribbean islands, Anguilla is almost unknown. So why is it the best of all Caribbean islands?

4) Another Magic Moment
This one was a bit more work than sunset at Malliouhana!

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Now that I'm back to school, I hope to keep adding one page per week, which means that I have more than enough great topics and photos to last me until March, 2003 when we plan on returning... for spring break. So please stay tuned -- I will be letting you know at the beginning of each month about what's new at Anguilla Beaches Dot Com. :-)

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