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Anguilla Beach Lovers, A New Special Feature
May 14, 2013

Combing Anguilla's Beaches for the Best

Anguilla Beach Lovers brings you the latest additions to one family's experiences of the "best of all things Anguillian."

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Anguilla Beach Lovers

A New Feature on

Any explorers out there ready for an Anguilla adventure? :-)

Today I launched a new adventure-friendly feature to the site... Anguilla itineraries!

Back in the day, long before we moved to Anguilla, my Dad and I would spend many hours planning out our trips to Anguilla, day-by-day. I know we aren't the only ones who lay out daily to-dos like this.

Many readers have even emailed me requesting itineraries that highlight must-sees (like Island Harbour)...

... and real off-the-beaten-path stuff (like the Windward Point hike - the view from the top is shown below).

I am excited to say that the itinerary feature is here! :-)

They are map-based, information-rich and broken down into two types, the "must-see" itineraries and the "get adventurous" ones. The planners I've created can also be used on your mobile device.

For more on the itineraries, please click here.

I would love your feedback on them, too. How can I improve? Should I add more? What would you like me to cover? Please leave your comments on the page. I really appreciate and value your input! :-)

Thank you so much & I hope you like this new feature,

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