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Special Issue: Carimar Beach Club, with Straw Hat, da'Vida & Cote Mer, Presents an Anguilla-Beaches Contest: Your Dream Day in Anguilla!

Exams written, papers and projects submitted, fates sealed for another semester.

And just in time for a toasty Memorial Day weekend (temperatures will be in the 90s this weekend in NYC!).

It's official... Summer is here.

In a few short days Yuki and I will be on a plane home, ready to spend the summer with our parents and puppies in Anguilla. The "off-season" is my favorite time of year in Anguilla, and one of the best kept Caribbean secrets.

The water is warm, the beaches are peaceful. The whole island "cools down" as the weather "heats up." Endless Summer, indeed.

In light of those seemingly endless summer days, we had a thought...

Vacations always start with lots of tomorrows. But, eventually only "tomorrow" remains. Still, there's always your next Anguilla vacation to keep you warm.

Imagine, though, if you had only one day left in Anguilla... ever. What would you do?

So many choices, so little time. Starting from the moment you wake up and get going until you're packing to leave, what is your absolutely perfect day in Anguilla, one to reside in your memory forever?

Share your dream day in Anguilla, and win 5 nights/6 days at Carimar Beach Club, and dinner for 2 at Straw Hat, da'Vida, and Cote Mer!

The best part about this contest?

Everyone who enters is a winner!

How is that? Carimar is also offering, to all who enter the contest, the following specials until December 18th...

  • Book 5 nights and get 2 additional nights free
  • And, a 2 day complimentary car rental!

That all boils down to $201/night, taxes/surcharges/service fees all included.

For all of the details and deadlines, click here.

I look forward to reading your Dream Day in Anguilla! I'm sure everyone who reads this does! :-)

Good luck!

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