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Special Announcement: The Revival of

Back in the '90s, before the ultra-modern Viceroy resort, before building our own Anguilla home, and long before, there was one man who was the face of Anguilla online...

You may remember Mr. Bob Green, founder of, and his family of Anguilla sites (,, etc.).

Search just about any Anguilla-related term, and you would find one of Bob's thousands of pages at #1. It was how we pieced together our earliest Anguilla vacations!

His site was informational and vast, covering everything from a new menu at Cap Juluca to the Wallblake Garden Party. Anguillians would email Bob with the latest news on their businesses, openings, events, fundraisers, church functions, apartment vacancies... every sweet piece of "little news" that makes Anguilla, Anguilla.

We fell in love with Bob's collection of Anguilla sites. We still read through the charming stories of his trips to Sombrero Island and Scrub Island. His sites have truly become a "digital snapshot" of Anguilla's first digital decade.

Since its heyday in the '90s and early 2000s, it has waned. Bob has been busy in the States, Canada, St. Barths, and even Colombia! The last Anguilla update was in 2005.

In an effort to re-capture what Bob began, we are excited to announce the revival of!

My sister, Yuki, will be making regular updates on what's happening in Anguilla. No news is too small to be posted! In Bob Green fashion, everything from church meetings and restaurant specials will be covered.

For more information, check out's "About Us" by clicking here!

It really is all about capturing and sharing the "little news" that doesn't get picked up in the big island papers, the news that makes up the real Anguilla.

Anguilla is our home. We're happy here. We'd like to give something back by helping folks get THEIR word out, both within Anguilla and to the rest of the world.

Between's still-good traffic and with some help from Anguilla Beaches, we're hoping to get that done while sharing a special side of Anguilla you might not normally see.

Please spread the word of the revival of!

Sunny regards,
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