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Anguilla DVD
Unique 'Round the Island Tour

Filmed and Edited by Nori Evoy

"Nori, why don't you make an Anguilla DVD? I've never seen one anywhere."

I had become very interested in film and communications during high school and while writing this Web site. "What a great idea," I thought. "Let's do it!"

So I filmed Anguilla by land and sea.

I became known as the "girl with her head sticking out of the jeep!"... Sound weird? That's my secret to how I captured most of the land shots for the inland feel.

And this Anguilla DVD shows you the sailor's perspective, too! Our good friends Shawn and Jeff Webster from the Seagrape, kindly agreed to take us on a day-long, complete 'round the island boat tour!

Not only did we soak up sun rays all day long, but my video camera captured great sea shots.

As you watch the DVD, you'll be immersed in the visual beauty of the island. At the same time, you'll hear my family and me pointing out great places to eat and unwind!

Speaking of my family, we play it whenever we need a dose of Anguilla. If you've never been to Anguilla, this is the best way to finally see this magical, hidden gem in the Caribbean.

So, get ready for a lazy, Anguilla-filled afternoon, and press play!

As they say at the movies,
"It's showtime!"

Anguilla DVD inside


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