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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #9, April 2003

March is gone. April, and spring, are here! But it's still not as warm as our wonderful March 1-10 vacation in Anguilla! The whole family had a blast! And, as anticipated, I have a whole bunch of new ideas and stories to write.

New for this month...

1)Gwen's, The Most Relaxing of all Anguilla Restaurants
Of all Anguilla restaurants, this one literally puts you to sleep! Great food... better hammocks!
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2)Anguilla Stonehenge Update
Anguilla has its very own Stonehenge. It's totally unknown, except to a small number of insiders (Steven Cohen first tipped me to this, you may recall). We got to experience its mystery for ourselves!
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3) Indiana Jones Video Game
Did you ever get the feeling that you were living in a video game?
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It's too bad our trip is over, but it's good to be back and have lots of great Anguilla "show and tell" material!

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