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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #12, August 2003

Well, it's been a great summer. After school, we spent some time in Nova Scotia. Now that our family owns 7 beautiful oceanfront acres over there, my Dad is turning his attention (and mine!) toward Anguilla real estate.

When he retires (ha!), he wants to spend summers in Nova Scotia, and the other 11.9 months in Anguilla (just kidding... it's not THAT cold up here in Montreal).

I've been pretty busy working on Lots of news...

First of all, was accepted as a Google partner in July. That means they pay me to allow them to put relevant ads on some pages on -- it's a real honor. :-)

Secondly, we've been doing a lot of research on Anguilla real estate. Since my Dad does not intend to buy the whole island(!), and since there is such a wide range available, he allowed me to share this with you. It's taken a lot of work, but fun, too, and I've learned a lot!

In all, there are 36 pages in this new section. And even if you are not interested in real estate, I think you'll enjoy this round-the-island tour.

Please click here to visit the Real Estate Tour.

By the way, if you are interested in Anguilla real estate, please contact Jackie Pascher ( My Dad finds her to be excellent, and he's very picky. I just plain like her... she's a really nice person.

Oh yes... there's one other new page...

Air Travel to Anguilla
Air travel to Anguilla is easy... especially if you live in Puerto Rico or Paris! And there are often cheap airfares to St. Martin if you are looking for the discount route.
Please click here to visit the "Getting There" Page.

If you have any interesting and/or inexpensive ways to get to Anguilla from where you live, please let me know. I'd love to add them to this page.

Enjoy, and see you next month! After school starts. :-( Please click here to visit Anguilla Beaches Home Page...

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