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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #18, February 25, 2004

:) <- That's the only expression I can make right now!

"Why," you may ask? 'Cos tomorrow is the day... the day we escape the cold and head off to warmth... the day we trade snow for sea... the day we head to Anguilla for eleven whole days!

So, between preparations for the trip and school work and just hanging around, I've pulled together three more pages. Good thing we're leaving now, because I was running out of material! ;-)

But my Dad has some fantastic outings planned, so watch for some really neat stories in coming months!

This month's additions to are...

#1) Hannah Mandelbaum's Magic Moments
Hannah Madelbaum e-mails are powerful, passionate memories of a special week in Anguilla!
Please click here to visit the "Hannah Mandelbaum" Page.

#2) Roy's Place: A Charming Anguillian
Beachfront English Pub... And Apartments, Too!

Roy's is a charming Anguillian beachfront pub with super fish and chips and tropical-British ambience.
Please click here to visit the "Roy's Restaurant" Page.

#3) From Floating Whale to Lobster Man
What do you think of when you think Anguilla Vacation? Shine, sea and... sunburn!
Please click here to visit the "Shine, Sea, and Sunburn" Page.

That's all for February, but in ten days I'll be back and loaded with tons of great new Anguilla info and adventures! Until then, stay warm yourself, and see you at the beach! ;)

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