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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #28, June 25th 2005

It's been two and a half months since I last wrote you. There's so much to catch up!

Time has been tight lately with all of my final exams, graduating from high school, preparing to move from our house in the country to downtown Montreal, and not to mention the most pressing item on our agenda...


Our family will be spending five weeks in Rome and Tuscany.

In 12 hours.

You can imagine the frenzy in our house. Both my parents have so much work to complete before the plane takes off. And I really wanted to finish my round-the-island Anguilla boat tour, showing mansions, villas and beaches from the sea... sort of Anguilla from the outside-in, instead of the inside-out.

How are my folks doing? All I can say is... I made supper tonight. And no one complained. Ha! Ha!

As for my tour, it's all finished and ready to go! Thirty-six pages. And one more, a special yummy one!

I've been putting it together for the last 10 weeks, on and off as exams allowed. It's the type of project, as you will soon see, that needs to be completely finished, before I can put it up. And now it's ready, just before we take off! :-)

On our last trip to Anguilla, our family and I asked Shaun Webster, captain of the Sea Grape, if he'd take us completely around the island by boat.

He agreed. I filmed and my Dad took photos. We have great shots of all the beaches and their spectacular mansions and villas... from a sailor's point of view.

So click the link and you'll be able to tour these sensational beaches and mansions with us, from the sea.

Click to begin the Anguilla Villas and Mansions Sea Tour.

With my leftover time I was able to pull together one last page...

In search of the best bakery?

I thought the croissants in St. Martin were tasty, but this Anguilla bakery redefines the word. These are beyond delicious! My only question is, "How come we took so long to find out about them?"

Click to visit the Best Bakery page.

That pretty much wraps it up for the moment. We're off to Italy in 12 hours. It'll be quite an adventure - I'll be sure to let you know all about it upon my return.

But no Web site on it. Anguilla is still the love of my life. :-)

See you in five weeks!

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