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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #035, September 28th 2006

Wow, can you believe it's already fall?

It just seems like yesterday that we were strolling down Brick Lane in London, under beautiful sunny skies.

But now, another Montreal summer has evaporated and we are more than a month into school. Leaves are just a couple of weeks from turning fiery reds.

Then snowflakes. Thoughts turn to Anguilla. My Dad hopes to start building soon!


Speaking of Anguilla and school, I've had a lot of fun combining Internet video and what I'm learning in my film classes.

Remember my Anguilla DVD?

Well, I've sliced and diced it into mini Web clips and uploaded it to

Welcome to the Anguilla Video Tour, 35 pages in all! Each round-the-island stop has a video clip ranging from seconds to a minute or two.

Take the tour from white-sand-Anguilla beach to the-next-white-sand-Anguilla beach, watching videos along the way, shot from both land and sea.

I hope you enjoy your peaceful, virtual Anguilla tour!

See you next month,


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