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Issue #048, August 31st 2009

When I was seven years old, days seemd to last forever.

Summer afternoons playing in the backyard, Yuki and I marching through the woods, lying in the grass, hunting for crayfish in our creek. Those warm summer days were endless.

I keep asking myself, will time ever slow down again?

It didn't happen in Anguilla... Days, weeks and months just zipped right by. And here we are now in New York. If the days passed by in a Caribbean blink, how fast will they be in New York?

We left Anguilla for New York on August 1st. My parents came up with me and Yuki, settling us into our apartment, buying us furniture, stocking our cupboards, helping us with adminstrative "foreign student" affairs at our new universities. And, of course, showing us how to budget!

I had my first 2 days of school last week. School is really gearing up now. I'm excited to embark on a new adventure... a bustling environment, people from all walks of life, a plethora of opportunities. And throughout the long, grueling hours of study and class time...

As exciting is New York is (Yuki and I even surfed in Montauk, Long Island!), I miss Anguilla...

What I miss most about the best Caribbean island.

Everyone misses something special about Anguilla, I'm sure. What do you miss about Anguilla? Click here to share your "Anguilla void.".

Ann Phelan from Bonaire, NA shared what she misses... Click here to read her story.

Reminiscing about the islands keeps us all warm. :-)

My parents leave for Anguilla in a few days. They promise to keep me updated and to send photos of anything new. I have lots of unpublished material from my 8 months (more and more seems to happen, even during the recession). And we'll head for home for Christmas, if not Thanksgiving.

So I'll keep you updated on island activity throughout these brisk fall months! :-)

Enjoy the coming crisp air of autumn,

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